Fortan Media is Born

Today I want to announce the start of a new media company called Fortan Media. They will be my publishing house for all my new work. In addition to my novels and graphic novels, Fortan will be publishing other great authors books. The first to be published by Fortan is Hell’s Reward and The Secrets of Writing. More announcements to follow in the near future.

Fortan seeks to bring ground breaking and exciting media to the world from some of its more daring voices.


Blue Cat 3 is Coming

Next issue of Aces Weekly is Issue 8. It starts on December 16th and will feature part three of our continuing series, Blue Cat. Cindy Sparks finds a new mentor who may teach her to protect herself with magic.


The Secrets of Writing

Here’s the working cover to my next book coming out late December or early January. It’s the second book from Fortan Media, my new publishing company which I will be talking about soon. In the mean time, this is my long awaited book on writing that I have been putting excerpts on my site for over a decade now. This will contain that information along with a bunch of new stuff. It’s received rave reviews over the years from many people and I am glad to finally get it out.


Doctor Who: An Adventure in Space and Time

If you missed this you really have to make an effort to see it in reruns on BBC America. It’s a little docudrama about the first Doctor Who episodes and is fantastic. Even if you aren’t into the show, this is a marvelously acted and written film about the people who made the show in the early 60s, It does a much better job of capturing the flavor of that era than Mad Men.

Tomorrow is the 50th anniversary special, but I doubt it can top this. It’s great television.

New Projects!

I’m working on finishing The Secrets of Writing. I’m shooting for sometime in December. This book on writing has received rave reviews from people over the years as its been excerpted on this site. You can read parts of it now under the Writing section above. The book will contain new material and expanded chapters.

In addition to that Blue Cat 3 is scheduled to be released in the next issue of Aces Weekly. Val Mayerik returns as the artist. Cindy Sparks finds herself a new mentor who can teach her how to defend herself from the magical Sidhe that killed her friend, Faust last issue.

And I’ve started working on a new Thracius strip for Aces Weekly with French Artist Mark Vigouroux. Look for it in a future issue. Here’s a teaser image.


Sorry I haven’t been blogging much, as you can see I’ve been really busy. All this and a full time job besides.

And since we’re almost in the Holidays I just wanted to remind you Hell’s Reward makes a splendid gift.

Thor: The Dark World

I have to admit, I didn’t expect these second wave Marvel movies to be that great. The first wave films were all relatively solid, though many were not great by any means. But they were well made. However, when they decided to go with TV directors and such on the follow up films, I wasn’t so sure. So I went to see Thor this weekend with low expectations. And I was pleasantly surprised. It was a big improvement from the first Thor movie. And the production values were stupendous from start to finish. I did not get too wrapped up in it but I did think the action was all very well done. The main Villain Maelkith was your basic dour humorous baddie. Loki managed to liven things up somewhat though not as much as I expected. Yet, it all came together fairly well and Jane Foster wasn’t as boring as she was in the first film. Thor is still kind of a one not character but he was better handled here.

The clip in the credits which sets up Guardians of the Galaxies was very comic book, which I suppose is to be expected. It was funny to see the Adam Warlock cocoon in the background. Benicio Del Toro as the Collector was very camp, but we’ll see how it goes in the Guardians movie coming up next year.

All in all, I think they did a decent job and I’m looking forward to Captain America: Winter Soldier.

Night of the Doctor

This is a 7 Minute webisode that’s a prequel to the Day of the Doctor, the 50th Anniversary special coming in a couple weeks. It features an old incarnation of the Doctor One not seen in decades.

Another Great Review

A reader of Hell’s Reward had this to say on Amazon today.

An ancient Chinese proverb states, The Journey Is the Reward. Well that’s how I felt when I finished Age Of Heroes. Because this book takes you on a wonderful journey through the richly fleshed out universe of Xera.

We meet fascinating characters along the way, each with their own stories to tell. We learn of their flaws, their weaknesses, all the empathetic qualities that make us root for them in their struggle against the uprising of the dark Hordes of the Unwen. Backstories and histories that span decades and centuries are expertly woven together so that seemingly disparate moments take on altogether more significance as this rich, layered story of a burgeoning unknown evil unfolds. A story of characters that are rich-picking for translation to the big screen!

But what makes Hell’s Reward a real page turner, aside from the great, distinct characters and rich tapestry of history, is the unmistakable feeling of intent on the part of the writer. No line is wasted. No page cast aside. Everything is clearly there for a purpose, guiding us expertly down a fated path to some hellishly demonic climax. And its impossible not to keep turning the page to discover just how hellish is the fate that lies in store for our heroes.

Hell’s Reward is everything a fantasy fan looks for, but packed with original ideas that puts it ahead of the pack with a textured universe that refuses to continuously retread standard fantasy tropes. And it’s exploring that universe where the book excels as we follow the heroes on their unknown quest every step of the way.

As that clever Chinese fellow once said- The Journey is the (Hell’s) Reward!

Glad to hear people are loving the book. Sales are picking up and I saw that it now gets recommended to fantasy readers. Cool!