Patrick Rothfuss: Kingkiller Series

I just finished “Wiseman’s Fear”, book two of Patrick Rothfuss excellent Kingkiller trilogy, It’s a popular fantasy series bound for television. It’s a great fantasy series, not as dark as Game of Thrones but the fantasy is toned down in favor of more character oriented scenes. It’s about a biographer named the Chronicler who tracks down a famous Archanist (Wizard) who’s been hiding out as an Inn Keeper. He wants to write his life story so the Archanist, named Kvothe, agrees and relates his amazing story. The third book is supposed to come out next year.

It’s set in a medieval fantasy type planet that has magic but is closer to our world than say, Tolkien’s, in realism. The magical creatures are more rare. Magic in this world behaves in an almost scientific way. The story is kind of a Harry Potter type saga as Kvothe is a penniless orphan who becomes a great wizard after going through a very tough academy.

The first book in the series is “The Name of the Wind”. I highly recommend them.


Review: The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger TV show was before my time but they did show reruns when I was a kid. I never got into it. But when I saw hoe badly they trashed this movie before it came out, I had to see it. I reminded me of the hatchet job they did on John Carter. John Carter was a fine film. Not perfect but certainly not worthy of the scorn it earned. The Lone Ranger is also a fine film. I’d even go so far as to say it’s better than John Carter. It’s funny, full of great action, wonderful characters and its well told.

A lot of people were apparently turned off by the sight of Johnny Depp’s Tonto wearing a dead bird on his head. There’s a perfectly good story behind that which is explained in the film. I was going to talk about the gross but it’s already dropped out of the top 12. Too bad. It’s made $196,384,97 world wide which is not terrible. Close to $90 million domestic. It’s actually worth seeing in the theaters but it will probably be on DVD shortly.

2 To the Chest Trade

For 2014 I also have another trade planned. The complete 2 To the Chest. Jose Aviles has been hard at work in his spare time finishing the book. He’s busy with other work so he won’t be done till early next year. We will announce a planned release when we know when we can schedule it. I am excited about seeing this book finally get finished. It’s one of my favorite crime stories and a whole new audience is about to get to read it in its entirety.

Age of Heroes Color Trade

I’m putting together my first Kickstarter Campaign to finance a full color Age of Heroes trade. Age of Heroes was an Image Comic I did with John Ridgway in the 90s in black and white. John has been coloring it and I’m very keen to finish the first story arc. The trade will be 6 issues in color. Issue 6 will be all new material. This has been a pasion project for me and it is much loved but there is a whole new audience that never read them. I am excited about bringing this to the public in an all new form.

Here is a page from issue 3. I will post the actual Kickstarter page when its ready.

AOH 03 12

You Are Now Less Dumb

This is a trailer for a new book by David McRaney. It’s a sequel to his other book You Are Not So Smart. I just discovered his site though this article, it sounds like a perfect book to go along with my philosophy of Para-Realism. Basically, human beings constantly delude themselves. Much of what we believe is false. And that is why so much of the world is a mess. Politicians take advantage of this to manufacture consent. More on that later.

While I haven’t read his books yet, I love the premise and this trailer. I will be checking them out.

Deviant Art Page

I’m expanding my social media presence with a Deviant Art page. I’ll be adding art from my comics projects on here and other sites like Facebook and Pinterest. The links to all these pages is found on the left side of this page.

Europa Report Trailer

This looks interesting, an indie film about a private space trip to Jupiter’s Moon. Available now on video on demand.

Hudnall’s Comics on Pintrest

In order to maximize my social media presents I just set up a page on Pintrest to highlight a lot of my projects old and new. Fee free to check it out and subscribe. I am working on lots of new projects for this year and next that I will be talking about here, there and everywhere else.

Blue Cat Page

I just added a Blue Cat page to the comics menu above. I’m working on the third issue now. We’re planning to do Blue Cat every other issue of Aces Weekly if possible. Please help supports our creator owned efforts here by subscribing to Aces Weekly. It’s a site offering a wide range of comics on a weekly basis for a very reasonable fee. All the comics are creator owned and like I said, we would like to keep doing Blue Cat there so your support is critical to helping to make that possible. Thanks!