Comicon 2013 Rocked


I had a blast at Comic Con this year. David (V for Vendetta) Lloyd was there, my first comics collaborator in Espers, Here’s a picture of the two of us taken at Batton Lash’s Supernatural Law booth. Greg Horn and I decided to reboot one of our books together. More on that later. Val Mayerik and I are planning Blue Cat 3. If you haven’t read Blue Cat yet you need to go to and sign up! You’re really missing out.

I’m still tired from the show but it was well worth the energy and time spent.


San Diego Comicon International starts this coming week and I will be there. I won’t have a booth but you can find me around the Batton Lash’s Supernatural Law booth which is right by DC Comics or in the same block as Supernatural law closer to the door is Terry Cronin’s Skinvestigator booth which he shares with Headlocked comics. I am often hanging out there or at Mark Wheatly’s booth which is close by. Val Mayerik will be a guest at Comic Con this year also. So we may be doing a signing at the Supernatural Law booth.

Come say hi!

Welcome to the Police State

This kind of thing is all too common and needs to stop. Too many moronic assholes with badges think they can terrorize anyone they feel like and get away with it these days. We have cops carrying machine guns and abusing citizens for no reason. The Obama Administration seems to encourage it. They are the ones amping up local law enforcement with military hardware. And they seem to have no interest in our civil rights.


Having a really great time at Miami’s Supercon. I was here 2 years ago and the con has really grown dramatically. Its like a early 90s Comicon now. I got to meeth the stars of the AMC show Comic Book Guys and will be hanging out with them tonight and some other friends. Just taking a break from the mass humanity in the convention by heading back to my room.


Watching a fan at Terry Cronin’s booth.

5 Guys and Kombucha

I decided to try 5 Guys burgers today for lunch after hearing how great they are. There’s one in Hillcrest which is a San Diego neighborhood not far from me. I don’t eat hamburgers that often as I have gotten pretty jaded and only quality burgers do it for me. Can’t eat most fast food burgers anymore unless there’s nothing else available to eat. After reading about the bogus Monkey Style burger In N Out doesn’t actually sell I decided to finally try my local 5 Guys.

It was worth the trip. 5 Guys has a similar business model to In N Out. Their menu is extremely simple but you can mix and match the many toppings anyway you want. Nothing is frozen and the patties are not factory stamped (unlike In N Out). When I got the burger it was wrapped in foil and bigger than a softball. I asked for a cheese burger with grilled onions, lettuce, tomato, mayo and mustard. It had two patties and two slices of cheese. The meat was very good and the bun fresh. The fries were fresh cut with skin on (which I like). Very good. I can see where to go next time I get in a burger mood.

San Diego is a burger paradise. They also have Hodads and Smash Burger here as well as some other great burger places. If you’re going to San Diego for the Comic Con in a few weeks both of these can be found down in the Gaslamp. Check them out.

Anyway, the 5 Guys in Hillcrest is right across the street from Whole Foods. So I walked over there after lunch to pick up some groceries and saw they have an excellent selection of Kombucha. I’ve gotten into Kombucha lately. It’s becoming a hot new drink. Basically it’s fermented sweet tea. The fermenting process eats up all the sugar and changes the flavor and gives it a fizz. It has a slightly vinegary taste which I don’t mind, and they flavor it with various fruit juices. The advantage of this drink besides the low calories, is that its full of probiotics. These are bacteria very helpful to your immune and digestive systems. A lot of people make it themselves. It involves a very gross looking yeast that grows on the vat that is called a Scoby or Mother by some. Here is an article about it if you are interested. They started selling it at Vons in the produce section with all the Health drinks. My favorite brands are Kevita and GTs. Its not cheap. Around 3.99 a bottle.

The Real Traitors

The press and the government have all eyes on Edward Snowden, who has been labeled a traitor.

But while this is going on the Senate is looking to pass an immigration bill that will make illegal immigration “a thing of the past” according to NY Senator Charles Schumer. This is at a time when millions of Americans are unemployed and a record number on food stamps. But Democrats and some Republicans are in a rush to create an open door policy for illegal immigrants which will also allow them to commit crimes without fear of the same repercussions they would inflict on US citizens.

And on Tuesday President Obama plans to announce he’s given himself “sweeping new powers” to regulate power plants in the US to “control greenhouse gasses”. This is after the EPA illegally tried to do that already. And President Obama has tried to kill the coal industry and coal power plants in the US. Coal provides 60% of our power. Obama is killing it off without providing real replacements for it. He’s also trying to limit oil shale development in the US. We have enough oil in the US due to shale fracking to make us energy independent for over 100 years. Naturally this administration is opposed to that.

There’s also the IRS scandal where its blatantly apparent the IRS was persecuting the Tea Party, Religious groups and those who oppose his administrations policies.

And back to that NSA snooping. It all really got serious under Obama. Eric Holder signed the order in 2009. These illegal searches and seizures betrays the security that supposedly protects that data. They’ve been lying about it for years.

The Feds want to call Snowden a traitor, but who is the traitor here? The government is created by the US Constitution and it specifically outlines what the limits to their power are. They have flagrantly abused and ignored these laws in violation of their oaths. These people were sworn to uphold and protect the constitution and the United States yet they work toward its dissolution and destruction.

Edward Snowden is a man without a country now, an outlaw. They tried to paint him as a Chinese spy even though he is asking for asylum in Ecuador. While they try to focus the public’s attention on Snowden the real scandal of what he’s exposed isn’t given the full attention it deserves. But Obama’s sinking poll numbers show he’s losing the faith of the people who so foolishly gave it to him. It’s clear that people on all sides of the political spectrum are getting sick of this administration’s tactics. How far they will go will be the test of our collective will to deal with it.