15 Great Rap Songs

Yes, my latest Big Hollywood piece may surprise you because I have been critical of hip hop in the past. But I actually defend it here.

They were having a debate on Big Hollywood on whether rap was worth existing at all. I happen to think it has merits and there have been some great rap songs. I also think that conservatives who complain about it would be amazed how conservative a lot of rap artists actually are. A lot of rap songs are anti-drug, pro family and god, etc. Of course, a lot of hip hop is anti-social, nihilistic crap. But I don’t talk about that here.

Instead, I pick 15 rap songs I really like off the top of my head and don’t repeat any artists. In the first comment I throw in two more I intended to add, but forgot.

UPDATE: I love this guys rap songs about web design. Great stuff.

American Idol 3/31

Performance Night. They got to pick the song of their choice. Surprisingly, three chose old songs. The rest chose current hits.

One thing’s for sure, a lot of people have called American Idol a lame show, but this season cannot be accused of that. They got rid of the flakes right away, kicked out the mediocre singers early. And the result is an amazing group.

It’s pretty obvious to me who the top 4 are now. Danny, Adam, Kris and Lil. Well, wait…damn I forgot Allison. And Scott and Matt could do it too. Geez.

Yeah, it’s a tough call this year. But I think the top 5 are the first 5 I listed. The others have had a few missteps.

I expect Megan and Matt to be in the bottom two tomorrow. Matt is extremely good, but for some reason he was almost cut last week even though the judges loved him. This week they were less kind even though I thought he was good. Megan is good, but compared to the others, she is just average. But she didn’t even end up in the bottom three last week after being panned, so who knows.

Anoop did an Usher song well, but the judges were not wowed. So he will probably be in the bottom three also. The rest were great to fantastic.

Scott did Billy Joel proud. Lil did Celine Dion proud. Kris did an amazing cover of Bill Withers Ain’t No Sunshine. Really fantastic.

That leaves Danny who blew away What Hurts the Most, Adam who did a rock screamer version of Play That Funky Music that was fresh and finally, Allison did a really nice No Doubt cover.

It’s good that they have the save option this season because they’re going to need it. A lot of really amazing talent.

Outrage Dujour

Another outrage (they seem to be a daily occurrence lately), the government is raising taxes on tobacco through the roof.

Now, you many not be a smoker. I’m not. Never was. But you have to watch how they’re penalizing smokers, because it’s just a dry run for what they’ll be doing to something you like in the near future. Watch as they do this with alcohol, sugar, gasoline, etc. Get ready.

On Wednesday, the federal tax will go from 39 cents per pack to $1.01. All the extra tax money is supposed to help fund the State Children’s Health Insurance Plan, or SCHIP. I’ve written about the new excise tax and SCHIP before and how it relates to cigars. On Wednesday the tax on individual cigars goes up as well, by 40 cents. It’s steep but not as bad as the original version of the SCHIP law, which called for an outrageous $10 tax per cigar. Now, that will be the tax on a box of cigars rather than an individual cigar. That hasn’t stopped the most popular cigar Web site from selling off inventory in what it’s calling “SCHIP Busters.”

The biggest losers in the new excise tax are the makers of roll-your-own tobacco.
Loose-leaf tobacco is a more fragmented industry with smaller producers than the monopolized cigarette industry. There are even a couple of family businesses still around, but most likely not for long. Wednesday happens to be April 1 and the new excise tax on roll-your-own tobacco looks an April Fool’s joke but it isn’t. The tax on RYO tobacco goes from $1.10 per pound to $24.78 per pound. That’s more than 2,100 percent! Tuesday, a sack of RYO tobacco will cost $15; Wednesday it will be $40.

Oh, “it’s for the children”. Gee, never heard that before.

If we don’t stand up to these clowns, they will continue to abuse us like a slap happy abusive boss. You going to stand for that?