I’ve decided to make some of my out of print comics available for people to read for free online. The first series I want to do is Stalker. It was originally called Twister. I changed the title after I got the rights back. I hired a different artist to redraw the series. He only did the first issue because I did not end up publishing it. But the rest of the issues are done and I will be making those available shortly.

You can download the first issue from here. It’s in CBR format. To read the pages you will need to download this free reader software from here.


The material is copyright James Hudnall and made available under the creative commons license.

Who's to Blame?

Make a wild guess. Which party deserves most of the blame for the mortgage meltdown which lead to this economy.

The people on this list should be breaking rocks in Leavenworth. These are criminals stealing from the people. Their “bonuses” are nothing but theft.

And their enablers are co-conspirators.

Review: Watchmen

They kept true to the comic. The only major change is at the end. The alien squid is replaced by a different threat that makes a lot more sense.

The performances were excellent, especially Jackie Earle Haley (Rorschach) and Patrick Wilson (Nite Owl). They did a great job of brining those characters to life.

My only complains is the pacing could have flowed better. The film needed a greater feeling of urgency, since it was built into the story. I also feel some scene should have felt more intense. At times it felt too clinical. But over all they did an amazingĀ  translating the comic to the screen.