Gun Statistics


Guns make people safer. Notice how bad Mexico is on this chart as far as murders. One of the most hilarious signs Ive ever seen is visible near the Mexico border. It says Guns are illegal in Mexico as a warning to people planning to cross the border. Sure has done wonders for the crime rate there, eh?

Hating Breitbart

The director of Hating Breitbart discusses the facts behind Breitbart and his career. I knew Andrew and worked for his sites for 2 years. And what Marcus says in this interview is very accurate. The left have lied about Andrew and tried to paint him as an extremist when the fact is he hated politics. He was one of those people who got so outraged by the lies out there he felt he had to do something about it which is why I did it for several years.

I dont talk about politics too much lately because I am sickened by it all but people need to realize they are being set up by those who want power and will never rest until they have it all. It was a great loss that Andrew died last year.

Game of Thrones Theme

If you aren’t watching Game of Thrones, you’re missing one of the best shows on TV right now. They are doing a flawless job translating the books by George RR Martin with a stellar cast. And this season is by far the best one yet.

RIP: George Jones

Another big name in country music passed today. I’m not a huge fan of country but I love this one by George.

Bitcoin Explained

Global currency is unstable because governments are all criminalized. Something like this could be a way economies can get around the insanity of our so called leaders ripping us all off through their various scams. Look for the states to try to try to push this company around when tings get crazier.

RIP: Margaret Thatcher

I used to live in England briefly during Thatcher and worked with many British comics people through the 80s and it always amused me and sometimes confounded me how much she was hated by those who think government programs are a good idea. Thatcher dismantled a lot of socialist policies in Britain because they were bankrupting the place. I lived in the UK from 1976-1977 and I remember how it was before she came to power. She did a lot to improve things and this is what people who believe in statism hated about her. She proved the wrong and didn’t let them forget it.

If you look around you will find all kinds of hate against her today. As well as many praises.

Thatcher was able to turn around her country after Obama-like policies nearly destroyed it. It’s unfortunate but some people want to believe the big lie that big government works,. We’re seeing proof that it doesn’t right now but if course there are so many people who have deluded themselves and refuse to accept this fact. Reagan and Thatcher reversed the destruction caused by their predecessors and to this day they are trying to rewrite history to act like it very happened. They want the mess we live it now to be considered the “New Normal”. They did that in the 70s too. America was in serious decline. Cities were falling apart, crime was out of control, so was inflation and yet Thatcher and Reagan showed this can be reversed.

That is why I am not interested in the defeatist talk we’re hearing from many these days. I do think if we keep on this path we’re on it’s going to get really bad but things can change and eventually they will. Hopefully there will be those who get elected that can do what Reagan and Thatcher did.

(Yes, neither were perfect but then, who is?)