SOme people aren’t fooled by the Democrats gun grab propaganda

The World as We Knew It

In 2001 the world as we knew it changed dramatically. But many people didn’t realize it was only a minor note in a coming discordance. The United States entered into two wars and borrowed trillions to pay for them, which was bad in itself except the next president, and the Democrats, mainly have ramped up our dept to the tune of 16 trillion and counting. They want to add more trillions in debt and their only answer to this is more taxes.

Meanwhile Global economies are on the verge of collapse, In Cypress, on the orders of the EU, they;ve depleted 40% of people’s personal savings accounts to pay their countries debts. Other nations are facing a similar decision. But the US is the world’s greatest debtor nation. We owe more money in unfunded liabilities than the world’s entire money supply. That’s simply not going to stand for long.

The politicians responsible for this should be hanged and that is what many of them probably fear. When things get out of control, and the people rise up, as they may very well do, the elites will be running for cover. Which is why so many of them are calling for gun control and the Homeland Security department is buying up all the bullets. They say its for training but the fact is, no one trains with hollow points. Hollow points are used for killing targets.

So that’s not over a billion rounds to fire warning shots.

Read this and think long and hard about saving your money for a serious economic downturn because its coming. Our government, and both parties are to blame for this, has been leading us own this road for some time. They have been criminally negligent.

The current administration is the worst possible kind of leadership we could have right now. I’m afraid what may come is going to be more ugly than the last depression. I hope I’m wrong.

Economic collapse is bad, but the wars that may follow are worse and as the 20th century showed, millions can suffer. I hate to sound like an alarmist but all the signs we’ve been seeing, including these insane calls for things that are meaningless in the long run, like Global Warming and Gun Control are just the elites way of keeping people’s attention on thin gs other than the horrible mess they’ve made for us.

They know full well what happens when the people see what kind of creatures the elites really are. Ask the Aristocracy during the French Revolution. Government benefits aren’t really what people think. They’re bribes to keep rebellions like that from happening again. But the problem is, the “blue model” of statism doesn’t work in the long run. You can placate the masses only as long as you can afford to keep up the scam. But eventually you run out of money to steal from those produce wealth. If statism worked, Russia and China would still be communist.

Tomb Raider 2013

I just finished the latest version of Tomb Raider. It tells the origin story of Lara Croft and its the best adventure yet. I’ve been playing Tomb Raider games since they started in 1995 and played every one of them. This is the best one, both story wise, graphics and play ability, The only problem with this game is sometimes the controls in key scenes are a extremely unforgiving, but fortunately that doesn’t happen too often.

The story is kind of a Lost type adventure where Lara and some friends are shipwrecked on a island full of strange and mysterious happenings. Old military installations are side by side with ancient ruins and there are lots of crazy homicidal folk on the island trying to kill our hero, though why they’re doing it is a mystery for most of the game. The action scenes are really great and the game is extreme fast paced.

Crystal Dynamics made this one, they redesigned the whole game from ground up so Lara can do a lot more than she ever could and its way more realistic. If you’re a fan of the Batman Arkham games it uses a similar open world type set up but huge island. Think Far Cry meets Lost Meets Arkham City. Over all its very fresh and a lot of expected stuff happens.

Great fun.

Trailer: Two Guns

My friend Steven Grant has a movie coning out this year, based on his comic series of the same name from Boom! Good for him.

REVIEW: Oz the Great and Poweful

The Wizard of Oz is one of my favorite movies and I love the Frank L Baum books which is one of the most original and best fantasy series of all time. So I wanted to see Sam Raimi’s movie and was hoping it would at least be a decent ride.

It was. Not as good as it had the potential to be but still well worth the admission price.

The effects are stellar, the acting good. The problem with the film as I see it is the writing. While not bad, its a little too straightforward dialog wise and the characters were not as memorable as they could have been, largely because the dialog wasn’t witty or funny enough. When you watch the Wizard of Oz the dialog is full of great lines. Here, most of the lines are forgettable because they are straightforward. And the music, while the film is not a musical like the Wizard of Oz, it still could have used a more memorable score. It was provided by Danny Elfman, who can produce a good score but he’s no Harold Arlen. Few composers are, but this film would have been elevated by better music. The music here is very Danny Elfman which is kind of interchangeable with plenty of Tim Burton films like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (a movie I didn’t like).

Still, those are my only two complaints. Unlike most films this movie has a great climax that’s pretty clever. They couldn’t use elements from the Wizard of Oz because another studio owns the rights but they do a great job of staying true to the tradition and setting up the previous film as this is a prequel.

James Franco does a great job as the young conman who comes to Oz and becomes the Wizard. The witches are all handled by good actresses. I do think they were a little too straight forward but they were trying to be like the classic film. I appreciate their lack of modern winking irony but if you look at the classic there was so many clever bits of humor in the lines that was missed here. It would have taken it so far about where it is now, which is still decent entertainment. Oh, well.

I still think it’s a keeper.

Eulogy for Toren Smith

For those who didnt make his funeral or wanted to hear it, here is my eulogy for myt great friend Toren Smith who I will miss for the rest of my days.

Toren and I: 1987

This was taken a year after I became a comics writer and Toren was just starting in the business himself. He and I were in our 20s. He’s wearing his favorite shirt at the time. It was taken at San Diego con back when it was small and you could see it all. I’ll try to post Toren’s eulogy tomorrow.


Here’s some more pics of Toren from back then. Toren and Lea Hernandez at his booth at San Diego. And Toren in his then office at Studio Proteus. Click to enlarge


Off to San Francisco

I’ll be attending Toren’s service tomorrow. Expect to see a lot of old friends there but it’s still hard for me to believe it’s really happening. I was just up there a few weeks ago seeing him. Now it will be to pay my respects.

I will talk about it when I get back.

RIP Toren Smith


Tears are streaming down my face right now. One of my closest and best friends died yesterday. Details are pending. But he and I were very close. I had some of the best conversations with this guy and we changed each others lives. In 1982 I introduced him to Anime and Manga and he moved to Japan and started Studio Proteus. He was a major manga provider in the US for two decades. He sold his business to Dark Horse a few years ago and his marriage to the very talent artist Tomoko Saito also ended recently. I just saw him a few weeks back and I can’t tell you how much I miss him. We clicked almost from the start. We just got along so well. Call it a bromance, whatever. We were very good friends and had some of the greatest of times hanging out. We saw eye to eye on so many things, we had so many similar interests. Whenever we got together we would talk until the break of dawn.

He was a regular commentor on this site for many years. I know he made friends with some of my readers here. And he worked with many others.

He was a great guy, a great friend and I will miss him probably till the day I die. He was one of those people that was endlessly fascinating and fun to be with.

My biggest regret of the last ten years is not being able to see him that much. And the last time I saw him I only got to spend about 5 hours talking. Now I’ll never have the chance again.

RIH Hugo Chavez


Another dictator bites the dust. Like so many leftists before him, Hugo Chavez turned one of the richest countries in Latin America into a financial basket case with one of the highest crime rates in the world and the least amount of freedom. Time and time again, when leftists have power, they ruin economies and take away the people’s freedom, all the while promising the opposite.

Chavez famously decided to get his cancer treated in Cuba, famous for its socialized medicine and we saw the results. Socialized medicine is toxic as we will soon discover as Obamacare destroys what was once the world’s greatest health care system.

Soon Fidel Castro and his brother (who said he’s retiring) will be out of the picture. That removes two of the biggest socialist icons in the world. It remains to be seen what happens in the wake of Chavez’ death, but Cuba us slowly moving towards a market state, It may seem like leftists are on the rise with Obama in a second term and Hollande in France with his insane taxes, but the people are getting angry and I suspect a backlash is building against the destruction lefties are leaving in their wake.

The world economy is an unbelievable mess, due to the largess of the “blue model” state. When we come out of the other side of the pending global meltdown there will be a much different world.

UPDATE: Like all other leftist dictators, Chavez was also a thief who robbed his people of their wealth. This quote sums up how he was typical of his kind.

A former paratrooper, Mr. Chávez had a radical vision for “21st Century Socialism,” which was never fully explained. His skillful rhetoric, which filled supporters with utopian dreams, was used to justify the methodical destruction of Venezuela’s democratic institutions and the free market.

Monsters of the left always promise utopia while delivering hell.