The Future Is Always Coming

I like to pay attention to future technologies and trends. Here is a look at four videos from the 2013 Ted Conference worth checking out.

The technology that’s coming in the next 10 years will really change the world in amazing ways, just as the computer and cell phone changed the last 20 years, expect the next 20 to be even more radical. I’m especially interested in 3D printing. Think a Star Trek Replicator. We will have a primitive version of that available in the home in 20 years or less. In the interim you will be able to print put products at your local store.

That’s just one of the amazing things that will be coming.

The Press is a Fraud

Juan Williams of Fox News, who is left wing, tells it like it is about the mainstream press.

The MSM has become so extreme and nothing more than a propaganda arm for the Obama Administration its a threat to a free society. When they came after Batton Lash and I a couple years ago for our innocuous Obama cartoon about the First Lady’s hypocritical food program, that was a taste many people who are critical of this administration get. MSNBC works with Media Matters who works with the White House. They’ve admitted they direct the news.

You can’t trust the press. You never could but now more than ever.

Asteroids is not a game


Global Warming is at best an arguable, unproven theory. Asteroids are very real and one just passed the earth at a extremely close distance. One could kill most people on the planet if it hit us.

The one that hit Russia yesterday was estimated the meteor released the energy equivalent of nearly 500 kilotons of TNT. That’s about 30 times the power of the Hiroshima atomic bomb. It exploded in the atmosphere. If it had hit a major city it would have been a major catastrophe.

Politicians and cranks want to waste billions fighting AGW. This is a real issue that needs solutions.

JimsTown Store

I had a great time last weekend visiting my dad up in Sonoma County, California. One of the things I wanted to do while I was there was visit a place called JimsTown Store in Healdsburg. Its an old General Store from the 1920s that was turned into a kind of restaurant and kitsch store. I saw it on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives, a show on the Food Network and I had to check it out.

They make extremely good food from what I’ve tasted. I had a cup of the Chain Gang chili and the BBQ Brisket sandwich in bourbon sauce. Plus the place is rather nice to visit, out in the Alexander Valley north of town. If you’re ever out that way I recommend it.



Been Busy

I apologize for not blogging much lately. Been extremely busy with various projects including Blue Cat for Aces Weekly, We’re on the second story line now and we’re having fun. Also working on another Thracius story with Mark Vigouroux and working as a producer on three projects of mine we’re trying to get adapted to film. That’s exciting. I will hopefully be able to talk about that some more soon.

In the mean time I have had plenty to say about all the madness going on in the world of politics but others are doing that well and for now I dont feel like it. Watching things play out the way they are is distressing but what can you do?

I’m hoping to resume my podcast interviews soon. I recently moved to a different part of San Diego and have been busy with that along with everything else.

Sp far this new year has been productive. Hope it has been for you all as well.

2013 Conventions

The year is still early but I just registered my pro badge for San Diego Comic Con this year. I plan on attending Supercon in Miami, FL on the 4th of July weekend and Comic Fest here in San Diego in October. I may be adding more cons to my list but for now that’s what I have scheduled.

Val Mayerik will be attending San Diego Con this year so I am looking for a booth I can split with someone so Val has a place to sign when he wants to. I also want to set up a booth myself.

In addition to Blue Cat which we are doing for Aces Weekly I am going to be pushing some other comics I hope to be doing soon.

Hope to see you at a con this year.

Three Good Movies to Check Out

2012 was a great year for movies. There were a few I missed which I finally caught up on that I highly recommend.

LIFE OF PI: Ang Lee’s story of a young man cast a drift on a lifeboat with a tiger is really a classic and original film. Extremely beautiful to watch and stars one of my favorite actors, Irrfan Khan, who plays the older Pi. HE spins a yarn about his adventure which is fantastic and like a modern day Arabian Nights tale or something. What I loved about it was, despite the nature of the story, it wasn’t full of typical BS. The Tiger is not anthropomorphicated like so many animals in a Hollywood film. I never once felt it was CGI either. Even though it probably was in most cases (if not all). It was extremely well done. If you think movies have gotten stake check this one out. It’s not at all. And it;s a very life affirming film. Easily Ang Lee’s best effort to date.

ROBOT AND FRANK: I wanted to see this last year when it came out but it went by really fast before I had a chance. Now its coming out on DVD and I highly recommend it, Frank is a retired jewel thief who lives alone in the woods in Upstate New York. His son is worried about him because he seems to be slowly losing his memories, so he gets him a robot caretaker. Frank resents it at first but when he realizes he can train it to pick locks he finds he has a new friend. Its a nice little film full of good actors. Frank Langella playing the lead. James Marsden is the son, Liv Tyler his daughter and Susan Sarandon his love interest.

STAND UP GUYS: This isn’t as good as the other two but enjoyable none the less. Al Pacino just gets out of prison and one of his only friends on earth is waiting for him, played by Christopher Walken. Pacino and Walken know its his last night on earth because he has a hit on him. So they spend the evening having various adventures. Alan Arkin plays their old wheel man and Mark Margolis is the mob boss who wants Pacino dead. It’s nice to see all those actors together in one movie. Margolis was in Scarface with Pacino as the hit man who wanted to blow up a guy at the UN. I dont know if Walken or Arkin worked with him before but its entertaining. Not an action movie, for the record. More of a character piece.

Red 2 Trailer

I really enjoyed Red, so hopefully this will be as fun.

Hollywood’s 3 Coolest Security Systems

(Guest Post)

The beauty of the movies is that it nothing is off limits. Even the craziest, most farfetched ideas can be
explored in cinema, and security is no exception. Hollywood has served up some pretty cool security
systems in recent years, usually because the technology is way more advanced than what actually exists.
Here are three of the best:

Minority Report

Is it ethical to arrest someone before they commit a crime? In the 2002 sci-fi thriller Minority Report,
Tom Cruise stars as John Anderton, a captain in the tremendously controversial Washington, D.C.,
PreCrime police force. PreCrime works by using three mutated psychic humans called “precogs” to stop
murders before they happen. But when Anderton learns that has been identified as the killer of a man
he has never even met, he suddenly becomes a fugitive from the same men and women he used to
work alongside every day. Minority Report was directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg, who hired
a team of technological savants to help dream up the many cutting-edge gizmos and gadgets used the

Resident Evil

Lasers have been an earmark of the Resident Evil series since the first film was released in 2002. The
Hive, a top-secret genetic research complex located under the streets of Raccoon City, employs a high-
tech security system, personified by a holographic avatar named the Red Queen. When a security
operative steals the genetically engineered T-virus and contaminates the Hive, the system locks down
the facility and eradicates everyone inside by activating a high-intensity laser grid. Yikes!

While laser protection may seem incredibly futuristic, this sort of technology is actually integrated
into modern-day residential alarm systems. Many of today’s motion detectors work by using invisible
infrared beams to measure the energy level in the room. When an intruder walks into its field of view,
a drastic increase in infrared energy is detected, which, in turn, sets off the alarm. In fact, many home
security systems, like the ADT monitored alarms from, offer pet-
sensitive motion detectors that can be programmed to ignore the movements of your cat or dog.

Panic Room

Panic Room stars Jodie Foster and Kristen Stewart, who play a beleaguered mother and daughter forced
to hide out in their highly fortified, cutting-edge safe room following a home invasion. The room is
encased by concrete and steel on all sides and includes multiple surveillance cameras, an independent
phone line and an intricate security system.

While most people can’t afford a panic room like the one featured in the film, many home security
gurus and enthusiastic preppers have transformed interior rooms into secure hideaways. This can easily
be done by replacing the door in a windowless bathroom or closet with a solid-core exterior door and
stocking the room with food, supplies and a communication device.