Merry Christmas


I haven’t been posting much lately because I have been so insanely busy with work I just haven’t had much desire to blog. Even though there has been a lot to talk about. I have a week off for the holiday. So hopefully my batteries will be recharged, In any event please have a great holiday and try to enjoy yourself. 🙂

The Hobbit Review

I saw the Hobbit today in IMAX 3d and I loved it. I’m actually perplexed by some of the negative reviews. Maybe its the format I saw it in but I thought it looked amazing. It had a very high resolution look and the depth of field in 3D was awesome. And while I have some major bones to pick with Jackson on the Lord of the Rings movies taking certain liberties with that story, here the changes were more like enhancements to make it flow better on screen. He stuck fairly true to the book with the changes not being that important. One big change, if you’re familiar with the books is the introduction of Azog as a villain, a goblin leader from Moria who should be dead by the time this story takes place. But his introduction was fine.

I was happy to see at least three songs made it in so far and they were done in such a way that worked without being annoying or padding. And the action was exceptional. Despite reviews that say its slow, it moves along fairly well once they hit the road. As for that frame rate thing, maybe it looks bad in a 2D screener, I’ll have to see, but it was fine in 3D IMAX. Looked better than Avatar in my book.

This story is lighter and more fun than the Lord of the Rings. Those who say the plot is too thin are being rather foolish. It would be more fair to say the plot is simpler. But they did add some complexity to it (after all its based on a children’s book) by fleshing out the back story. As a fan of the books I was happy to see Radaghast the Brown, portrayed by the excellent Sylvester McCoy, one of the better Doctor Who actors from the old series.

All in all its a good movie to take the family to. They should be entertained.

Man of Steel Trailer

Zack Snyder makes amazing looking films, I just hope it isn’t as cold and emotionless as some of his recent films. Hopefully Nolan’s influence will be there.

Stone's Propaganda

Joseph Stalin murdered vastly more people than Hitler and the Soviet Union kept its citizens prisoner behind the iron curtain. Yet more than 20 years after its fall, we have fools trying to pimp Communism as the better society. And networks are stupid enough to air such propaganda. The Soviets took over smaller countries and turned them into oppressive totalitarian states. East Germany was so badly Germans would risk being shot trying to escape. The Berlin Wall was created to keep them from escaping from this hell. Eventually it all collapsed and now China, Russia and even Cuba are moving toward market economies, yet statists will never admin they’re wrong. Even when their “model society” failed and murdered millions, they still try to sell it as the better way.

The Soviets weren’t about peace. They instigated wars. They conquered countries. They tried to destroy ours through subversion. And we still see people trying to carry on their work as this film shows. 1984 was written by George Orwell as a critique of Stalin. And Orwell was a socialist.

Until people learn that big government steals people’s liberties and freedoms will will never have true peace and freedom.

Batton Lash and I

I was at an art showing last night for Billy Martinez who does some really sweet art pieces. Batton Lash an Jackie Estrada were there and Jackie took this picture of the two of us. I’m the big one.

Aces Weekly Blog

It’s up and will be a great place to visit to read about upcoming strips and the doing of the creators.

Next week is the debut of Issue 2 which will include Blue Cat on the main site.

Val and I are already starting on the second Blue Cat story line.

Blue Cat

In December my newest comic series Blue Cat will debut on Aces Weekly, the online comics magazine I’ve been talking about since the summer. It’s beautifully illustrated by Val Mayerik.

The story is about a 16 year old girl name Cindy Sparks who gets in a lot of trouble and is soon haunted by the ghost of a cat that leads her into all sorts of supernatural dangers.

I’m really excited about it and I hope you will sign up for Issue two over at Aces Weekly and check it out. Your subscription to issue 2 will also get you six other series to check out.

I created a blog of Aces Weekly set to go live this coming week and I will be posting the info on that here.

Daily Dose of Reality

This doctor was fired after it went viral. The truth hurts, don’t it?

She didn’t write that speech by the way, its from a internet meme, and its accurate. Obamacare is one of the worst laws ever written.