Answering False Arguments

Most bogus arguments that people make were classified long ago by the Ancient Greeks. Others have added to the logical fallacy list. Here is a handy chart so the next time someone tries to lay some whopper on you, you have ammo. Click to enlarge. logic to enlarg

No One Trusts the Media Anymore

Why should they when it’s become such a partisan joke. The press today are largely cheerleaders for the Democrats. And the Democrats have become the party of rich special interests. The corruption in this administration is beyond the pale. It’s no surprise then, that people are losing their trust in the opinions of talking heads. The world is basically on fire, economies are in a state of decline the world over, and the elites want us to think everything is hunky dory.

We have riots happening almost regularly now, terrorist incidents are becoming common. Blatant disregard for the law by our so called government leaders. And the news, largely, wants us to believe the economy is great and there’s nothing to see here. The public is turning and the businesses that have been lying to us are feeling the heat.

Pity, Fear, Catharsis

Great Ted Talk on writing that’s well worth a look if you care about the subject.

9/11 Isn’t Going Away

There are 15-year-olds who are being taught about 9/11 in school as history. Many of them weren’t born or were babies when it happened.

9/11 was a shock to the system. It caused a depression and many people lost their jobs, including me. I was engaged at the time, and I think it had a partial effect of helping that relationship end. I was lucky compared to the people who lost their lives or loved ones in that tragedy. When 9/11 happened, I was getting ready for work and had the news on and saw the event happening live and I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. It looked like a scene from a movie. My fiance, who was Russian said, “Oh, we have terrorism all the time in Russia.” I said “Not like this you don’t.” Then I told her, the US will respond with an overreaction that will include armies and mass bombings. She was like “That’s horrible. Innocent people don’t deserve that.” I shrugged and pointed at the screen where people were jumping out of windows in the towers.

“Those innocent people didn’t deserve it either. And that is how war works.”

Needless to say, we know what followed. Bush said it would take ten years to defeat terrorism. My thought at the time, that depends on who follows you. The rest is history.

War is a horror. Terrorism is just a form of war. We have been in WWIII since 9/11. The politicians may pretend otherwise but it is far from over.

The Truth about Energy

The problem with subjects like Global Warming is people don’t want to listen to the facts. They take ideological positions as a defense and that is getting us nowhere. A lot of hysteria and ignorance is spread on this subject, which is basically unnecessary. This episode of the Rubin Report is will worth your time because he talked to author Alex Epstein about the fossil fuels where he debunks a lot of the falsehoods that have been spread on the subject. It’s sad that we’ve come to this stage where hysteria and ignorance has taken such a hold on society. People should bother to educate themselves and this is a good start.

Make it Yourself!

Here’s my pep talk of the day:

You do not need a company behind you to create anything. You do not need anyone’s permission to write whatever you feel like creating. It may be harder to go it alone, but you have total control and own the rights if you do.

This young guy in Sweden, Adam Samberg, made Kung Fury all by himself in a basement with his $5k. When he had a trailer, he did a Kickstarter and made enough to do a short film, and now Sandberg is doing a full-length feature because he’s got full backing from the movie industry.

When I decided to do Espers, my first comic, I produced it myself. Eclipse Comics only distributed it. I had to pay the artist, letterer, and colorist myself. I called up some of the best cover artists at the time to do the covers. It was a huge gamble for me and I lost money, but it launched my career. It led to me getting a lot more work. In order to get ahead as a creator, you have to create something first. No one cares about your dreams until you do something with them.

Sandberg busted his butt to make that trailer. And it paid off. I also worked hard on my first book and it paid off with a career and I have a lot of comics properties that I own to show for it.

The tools are out there for you like never before. What are you waiting for?

Site Upgrade

I am working on upgrading the site. A lot of pages had broken links from when I moved servers a couple months back, so I will be doing that for the rest of the week. Pardon our dust.

Comic Con 2016

I will be at the Comic-Con International in San Diego all this week starting Wednesday night. You can find me in the 1900 row, usually. Look for the one-legged man in a wheelchair.

It should be an interesting con. I look forward to seeing old friends and catching up. Look to my facebook page for any pictures I may take.