Blue Cat

In December my newest comic series Blue Cat will debut on Aces Weekly, the online comics magazine I’ve been talking about since the summer. It’s beautifully illustrated by Val Mayerik.

The story is about a 16 year old girl name Cindy Sparks who gets in a lot of trouble and is soon haunted by the ghost of a cat that leads her into all sorts of supernatural dangers.

I’m really excited about it and I hope you will sign up for Issue two over at Aces Weekly and check it out. Your subscription to issue 2 will also get you six other series to check out.

I created a blog of Aces Weekly set to go live this coming week and I will be posting the info on that here.

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  1. Sounds like an interesting concept. Aimed more at general audiences????

    That’s the big mistake I think both DC and Marvel made. They don’t actually produce comics for kids and adults who appreciate good-spirited fun and, furthermore, they don’t seem to be proud of their legacy characters or treat them with any respect anymore…!

    The Big Two forget that they used to get kids through their licensed comics (Star Wars, GI Joe, Star Trek, Transformers, etc.) and that those audiences often crossed over into the superhero books. Honestly, I started reading the old Marvel/Larry Hama GI Joe series before I started reading the hero stuff regularly.

    Also helped that there were actual monthly war comics (besides GI Joe) back then for people who liked that stuff and the occasional western. Now, it’s all spandex and it’s aimed at disaffected emo 20-something’s and older = NO FUN and ALL BLEAK. Constant Dark Knight, Watchmen vibes all the time… Bleccch.

    There’s no jump-in point for kids at the Big Two (unless you count the “required” kiddie comics next-to-nobody reads at DC) and Dark Horse and IDW split the license comics between the two of them.

    Marvel and DC don’t touch anything unless they can own it 100% outright or you’re buddies with the CEO’s/editors… It’s such an incestuous business!

    To me, it’s amazing that in these copyright trials the companies get away with excuses about losing important contract paperwork and legal documents! Yeah, things get lost in the relocation of offices and the destruction of warehouses but too many times these things turn up missing just in time for important trial dates. The justice system is so rigged in general for corporations that it’s not funny.

    (Not to say that the defendant lawyers in many cases are any better than the corporation’s legal counsel. I’ve followed the Superman/Siegel copyright case on-and-off and I tell you something smells about Laura Siegel’s current lawyer. I don’t get a good vibe about that guy…)

    You’re much better off working in another field for a main career and trying to mine your own best comic book/graphic novel ideas in another format. Marvel and DC have just screwed over far too many creative people over the years…

    Sure, that $150k that the X-Men writers may make sounds like a great idea at the time but they don’t even let people attach their names to what they created unless the character is Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, or Captain America. It all belongs to Marvel…. er, Disney…. or DC…. er, Warner Bros.

    (Take your pick… You know those two companies will gobble up everybody else eventually. I thought we used to have laws against monopolies????)

    P.S. — Yeah, I have noticed Marvel is acknowledging Captain America was created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby in the latest Avengers animated TV series as well as the Marvel live-action films.

    I’m wondering if that’s part of the legal settlement with the late Joe Simon or somebody high up in the Marvel Studios is a fan… or could it be a PR/guilt move like the Siegel/Shuster settlement in the 1970s????

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