Brexit: First of Many Steps

The lies and disinformation about Brexit before and after it was voted on continue to pile up. It’s only the first in many steps leading to WWIII. Perhaps not in the way the last two world wars happened with armies and mass genocide. Nowadays the global elites and other bad actors in the world use propaganda and politics to achieve their ends. But their methods are starting to backfire as the culture wars across the world start heating up from massive resentment. The elites once again overplayed their hand by trying to divide people with scare words like racism and islamophobia. Now the world economic bubble which was largely artificial will once again pop. Politicians will face massive revolts at home. They should be glad people don’t use guillotines these days, but they are as bad or worse than the aristocrats of previous centuries. There may be no Bastille to bring them to, but things are going to get real. The die is cast.

This video does a pretty good job of breaking it down. The narrator’s views may not be to your taste but this is on point.

You may think I’m crazy to declare a world war is coming but it has been going on for over a decade. People just wanted to pretend it wasn’t happening. It is not a war like the last two but it will have much broader consequences. Right now people are fighting ideological wars. This election in the US is more important than many realize. Whoever wins will have a huge impact on the state of the world and not like you may think.

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