Burn, CNN, Burn

This is one of the worst example (or best) of left wing media bias I have ever seen. This is appalling.

First she decides what they are protesting about, which is not the case, by the way. These protests are about the insane spending. Then she tries to caricaturize the protesters, then put words in his mouth. They’re taking hack journalism to new lows.

May their ratings sink beyond sight.

UPDATE: The followup. Watch her spin.

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  1. What an ass that woman reporter was.

    Biggest hack I’ve seen in a while and such a condescending $@!!%!!!

    If this doesn’t demonstrate how biased the media is against the average person, I don’t what will.

    Man, what a jerk she was! If that had been a guy, I might have been tempted to slug him across the face if I were there but that would have been exactly what CNN would have wanted.

  2. And they have the nerve to say (in an excuse for cutting the segment off) that it wasn’t for family viewing. The people in the background were getting angry at her and saying she wasn’t a reporter, and so on, so they cut it off. Her behavior was some of the most unprofessional I have seen, but CNN hire those kind of ideologues. PLO groupie Christian Amanpour and that guy who was shilling for Saddam during the Gulf War (Peter Arnett) are two good examples.

  3. The name of this obnoxious female reporter is Susan Roesgen.

    She was making inappropriate Bush-bashing comments during the Katrina clean-up mess, too.

    If you truly want to get this woman at least disciplined or ask for her TO BE FIRED (which is what should happen), that’s the name to complain about in e-mail, snail mail, or a telephone hotline if CNN even bothers to maintain one.

    I also thought that Anderson Cooper (an in-the-closet gay man if there ever was one on national TV!) was being extremely crass the other day, too. He and his cohorts at CCN Central were constantly tossing the term “teabagging” back and forth during coverage of the peaceful tax/spending protests. “Teabagging” is a homosexual term that describes a very graphic form of sexual action which doesn’t need to be used on the air. ALL the CNN correspondents knew this but they used it constantly.

    If a Conservative or other non-Liberal media personality used this term the way they did, they’d have tons of complaints and be rightly reprimanded by upper management and producers. The same standard should apply to these douchebags, too. (Sorry, but I use some harsh terms myself when it’s appropriate and I find people acting like it!)

    AC needs to grow up and come out-of-the-closet. Maybe then we could all take him serioulsy as a journalist. Right now, he’s a just your typical immature ideologue and propagandist.

  4. I think she should stay and all the other creeps like her, so they can drive the ratings of that network down further. These insane ideologues running the media need to be shown the door when their company shuts down.

    If their company is allowing this kind of behavior, they should go out of business. If they aren’t allowing it they need to start policing their content. Fox did when Edie Hill made the “terrorist fist jab” comment about the Obama bump. CNN has been caught flat out lying on many occasions, about US government policy or veterans in an extremely negative way. They’re the network that seemed to think there were no homeless people during Clinton but the day Bush 43 got elected it was an epidemic. They don’t deserve to last and neither does MSNBC.

  5. What happpened E.D. Hill, btw, Hud?

    I liked her on Fox & Friends and I know she left that show for other assignments that allowed her more time with her younger kids and husband (she’s married for like the third, fourth time and had her 5th or 6th kid just 4-5 years ago!), but where is she now? Did she leave Fox?

  6. What is instructive is that by making the “teabagging” joke, the liberals think they are being stunningly clever. Frankly, the first time I heard them use it I was instantly reminded of Beavis and Butthead. All that was missing was for them to start going “Huh-huh-huh” back and forth between each other.

  7. GeorgeC,

    They didn’t renew her contract. They’ve done that with others, or some they put on the radio network they have, like John Gibson and Alan Colmes. Personally, I miss Laurie Dhue. For some reason they did not keep her either. She worked for Geraldo for a short time but seems to be gone.

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