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  1. Potentially funnier last frames:
    REID: Should we ban Busch beer?
    REID: Bushieman is very clever, Mr. President, but we could also try scaring voters about the Loch Bush Monster.
    REID: This will surely play well with our base of latte-sipping English professors!
    REID: Wow, a constitutional scholar as well as a modern-day Shakespeare! Now, if only we had an economist…

    My point is that the last frame, and especially Harry Reid’s line is a complete throwaway. The ‘funny part’ of this comic is in the third frame. That’s just weird.

  2. Comics strips do not have to have traditional punchlines. Some of yours are good, though.

    But the point I was making is how clueless they are and how they’re unaware that their “strategy”, which is real, BTW, is absurd in its face. Bush will never be president again. And whether or not Republicans want to continue his policies, Obama is only ramping them up. Hence, the irony of “we can’t lose”

    To paraphrase Obama, “Yes, They Can”

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