Cap and Trade Must Die

According to Powerline, the bill may actually limp across the finish line in the house. If this bill passes every politician who voted for it needs to be politically radioactive for a 1000 years. They must never be allowed to hold power again. And the sponsors must go down in flames. These people are actively trying to destroy the US economy while enriching themselves and their friends.

Cap and Trade is nothing more than an evil scheme by criminals to enrich criminals. It will go down as one of the biggest thefts of wealth ever in an age where that is becoming all to common a claim.

How stupid are these congress creeps, anyway? It’s a 1,200 page bill none of them have read that is nothing but misery for the American people and will have no effect other than make our lives more expensive. How utterly worthless are these “representatives” that they don’t even read these bills they vote for, and even allow such an abomination to get anywhere?

They risk making the voters angry enough to form lynch mobs. They have to be insane.

People are already screaming mad as it is. They are pushing things to the limit.

UPDATE: Bad. Very bad.

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  1. I am now completely convinced that Obama had Jackson assassinated in order to eliminate any chance of public debate on the bill at the last minute.
    I mean, seriously. The guy is the ultimate master of “wag the dog” and “flood the zone.”
    Fox News–Fox Freakin’ News, for god’s sake–was MJ solid all last night. Because nothing more important was happening in the world.
    We are doomed.

  2. It passed by one vote. All who voted for it need to be hounded out of office. And there’s still a chance it may die in the Senate. Let’s hope.

    It also can be overturned. If Obama signs it into law, that’s it for his administration. Similar laws have given Europe, esp Spain which has a lot of these green BS jobs, am 18 percent unemployment rate. In France it’s 31% unemployment for youth.

    They wreck this economy, there will be serious repercussions.

  3. After the extra 300 pages were added after midnight, they were not available for viewing until a few minutes before the vote. At that time NO ONE knew what was in them. I can’t believe our system of government allows such garbage, and this is not the first time. Any bill that has not been completely read has NO RIGHT of being voted into law. Utter crap.
    Not only that, but this law was opposed by Greenpeace (!) and the EPA(!!) and still passed!! We are now a banana republic.
    Next, health care.
    After that, amnesty for illegals, whoops, I mean Democrat voters.
    And what’s after that?
    We are in such shit. It’s mind boggling. What will it take to fix all this junk? Can it even be done?
    Another interesting point: Al Gore owns so much stock in various CO2 trade outfits they are saying he might make over a BILLION dollars with cap and trade being passed. Looks like his investment has paid off rather well. History will call global warming the biggest fraud and con job of the 21st century.

  4. Exactly, Toren!

    That’s why I DISLIKE Al Gore intensely.

    He’s such a disingenous schlub that it’s not funny.

    And he’s making hundreds of millions off the global warming scam.

    One of his ventures has a software program they’re marketing to “help companies reduce their CO2″” imprint!

    And there are at least a half-dozen major Congressional Democrats (including Pelosi) who have serious cash invested in “green” companies.

    Don’t believe it that there aren’t politicians who aren’t going to make money off this bill.

    The level of corruption and sheer arrogance during the Obama era is incredible. I think it’s possibly the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime.

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