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  1. Probably the best imagining of CA I've ever seen – assuming the time period is WW2.

    OTOH, this particular work of art appears overly influenced by the imaginings of Tom of Finland.

    NTTAWWT. Which begs the question, who's going to play “Bucky”?

  2. I'm sorry,

    BUT I don't really care for it that much.

    I DON'T like the The Ultimates. I HATE the re-imagining of the costumes in that comic and feel that this is a slippery slope to go down.

    I liked the red and white stripes around the torso of the costume. Sad to see the costume is being designed off-the-shelf utilitarian belt-buckley (like a crummy homebrew PC) in an Image/Jim Lee/Rob Liefeld way. Looks like a dyed outfit somebody could have bought from a military surplus store. I ALWAYS hated those kinds of costumes. I LIKED the wings on the headpiece because they tie in to the national bird (bald eagle). They could have been incorporated into the headpiece and made to fit in better for all the “realists.”

    Between realists and bad editing, it's no wonder comics are getting ruined and most of the films stick… It takes away from the escapist and romantic adventure aspects that appeal to both kids and the young-at-heart.

    Granted, costume changes themselves DO NOT automatically ruin a character but they generally foreshadow not-so-good revisions. That and I think it's very disrespectful to the original creators. Joe Simon's Cap design worked well for over 60 years so why F*** with it now?

    (I've seen recent animation with The Ultimate Cap look. Surprise, surprise it looks CRUMMY! The traditional designs fit in better with animation… and a few costumes like Superman's and Spider–Man;s have been made to work well in live-action, too.)

    I already don't like what's been done with Cap in comics going on 20 years now with the very stupid revival of Bucky and replacement of Steve Rogers by the same.

    I've felt wary about the casting of Cap already… Hope some revisions get made to the costume.

    Some of you guys are way too easy with these changes.

    This outfit is almost as ugly as what Captain Bucky is wearing in the monthly comic.

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