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  1. At the very least, Carter is an Anti-Semite.

    It’s amazing how polarized he is against the Israelis!

    Even a long-time Jewish supporter of Carter was forced to resign because Jimmy’s nuts about the Arab cause.

    A champion for peace with justice Jimmy is not!

    ‘Sides, he took credit for the peace initiative work started by the Nixon and Ford Administrations. He wasn’t particularly respectful towards Kissinger, either…

    There are aspects of Dr. K’s ends-justify-means approach that bug me, too, but give credit where it’s due!

  2. Meant to say “long-time Jewish supporter resigned from the Carter Center in Georgia”.

    Remember that Ol’ Jimmah stiffed the Shah and the Mullahs took over Iran, too.

    Not to say the Shah didn’t do some bad things as well but he was a pussycat compared to what followed him!

  3. I blame 9/11 on Jimmah. He is largely responsible for Islamofascism. He cut off the government checks we were sending to Kohemehni who was living on exile in Paris. As soon as we stopped paying him off he went to Iran and launched the revolution there.

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