The Real Traitors

The press and the government have all eyes on Edward Snowden, who has been labeled a traitor.

But while this is going on the Senate is looking to pass an immigration bill that will make illegal immigration “a thing of the past” according to NY Senator Charles Schumer. This is at a time when millions of Americans are unemployed and a record number on food stamps. But Democrats and some Republicans are in a rush to create an open door policy for illegal immigrants which will also allow them to commit crimes without fear of the same repercussions they would inflict on US citizens.

And on Tuesday President Obama plans to announce he’s given himself “sweeping new powers” to regulate power plants in the US to “control greenhouse gasses”. This is after the EPA illegally tried to do that already. And President Obama has tried to kill the coal industry and coal power plants in the US. Coal provides 60% of our power. Obama is killing it off without providing real replacements for it. He’s also trying to limit oil shale development in the US. We have enough oil in the US due to shale fracking to make us energy independent for over 100 years. Naturally this administration is opposed to that.

There’s also the IRS scandal where its blatantly apparent the IRS was persecuting the Tea Party, Religious groups and those who oppose his administrations policies.

And back to that NSA snooping. It all really got serious under Obama. Eric Holder signed the order in 2009. These illegal searches and seizures betrays the security that supposedly protects that data. They’ve been lying about it for years.

The Feds want to call Snowden a traitor, but who is the traitor here? The government is created by the US Constitution and it specifically outlines what the limits to their power are. They have flagrantly abused and ignored these laws in violation of their oaths. These people were sworn to uphold and protect the constitution and the United States yet they work toward its dissolution and destruction.

Edward Snowden is a man without a country now, an outlaw. They tried to paint him as a Chinese spy even though he is asking for asylum in Ecuador. While they try to focus the public’s attention on Snowden the real scandal of what he’s exposed isn’t given the full attention it deserves. But Obama’s sinking poll numbers show he’s losing the faith of the people who so foolishly gave it to him. It’s clear that people on all sides of the political spectrum are getting sick of this administration’s tactics. How far they will go will be the test of our collective will to deal with it.


Nixon was a lot smarter and more competent than Obama. He also actually had a sense of honor and the importance of office which is why he resigned. Obama will not resign unless he really has to. And he will do everything in his power to try to blame others for his own misdeeds.

I just found out yesterday, for example, that Bosch Fawstin, the comics artist who gave us Pigman and who I interviewed for my podcasts, befriended Senator Ted Cruz on Facebook when the Senator wanted to follow him there. And the second he did, the so-called Justice Department started following Bosch on Facebook. Nixon wasn’t as obvious as these clowns, either.

Hating Breitbart

The director of Hating Breitbart discusses the facts behind Breitbart and his career. I knew Andrew and worked for his sites for 2 years. And what Marcus says in this interview is very accurate. The left have lied about Andrew and tried to paint him as an extremist when the fact is he hated politics. He was one of those people who got so outraged by the lies out there he felt he had to do something about it which is why I did it for several years.

I dont talk about politics too much lately because I am sickened by it all but people need to realize they are being set up by those who want power and will never rest until they have it all. It was a great loss that Andrew died last year.

2 More Days to Save America

In two days you have a choice to vote for:

1. A president who promised to cut the debt in half in his first term and doubled it instead, who’s not only the first president in history to preside over a one trillion dollar deficit but had them four years in a row.
2. Who has a kill list with Americans on it and signed a law authorizing the deaths of American citizens as well as their indefinite detention and imprisonment without charges.
3. Who left Americans at our Bengazi compound to die.
4. Who enacted policies that have bankrupted many businesses in America, crushed small business and added 17 people to the food stamp roles for every job “created or saved”.
5. He promised transparent government but instead prosecutes whistle blowers as spies.
6. He ran on a promise to unite Americans and instead has been the most partisan and divisive president in the last 60 years.
7. He’s one of the biggest liars we’ve ever seen in office and that’s saying something.

Or you could vote against that list of failures which, could easily be made a lot longer.

Romney isn’t everyone’s idea of an alternative, but unlike Obama he has a record of success. Obama has a record of failure and decline. Romney has a record of turning things around. And notice people on Obama’s side are the ones who threaten violence if they don’t get their way. Hardly a reason to support him. His side claims to be the “good guys” they they only offer more hardship, lies and suffering. Romney has a positive message and a positive record as governor of Massachusetts.

Obama’s previous history is full of mystery and questionable claims and poor attendance in his job. As president he has a history of neglecting issues he claimed to solve. Obama recently said he has “no regrets” for ignoring the economy and his promises the first two years when the Democrats had full control over the government. He’s also the first president to go his entire first term without signing a budget. Because the Democrats didn’t provide one when they were in power and they even rejected his budget proposals when he bothered to do one because they were so absurd.

Yes, the Democrats rejected President Obama’s budget proposals because they were so irresponsible.

There’s no reason to believe Obama will be any better given a second chance. He’s been a disaster and has harmed this country. Let’s show him the door.

How the Electrol College Works

Democrats have recently been arguing that we should end the electoral college. That would be a bad move. It protects smaller states from the tyranny of big states over riding them. The reason they want it ended is they currently have the big coastal states largely locked up so they would be able to possibly crush red states with the populous votes in NY and California for example. But America is designed to prevent mob rule which is what a democratic system like the one some dems want would achieve. 2000 is an example where the electoral college prevented the popular vote from winning the presidency.

This video is pretty fair but there is a lot more too it. Always be leery of politicians who want to end the electoral college. Democrats, for example, use undemocratic methods to elect their candidates. Obama stole the nomination in 2008 from Hillary using the caucus system which is like a star chamber for picking candidates. Its a bad system.

Buh Bye 'Bama

I live in Southern California. I drive a 45 minute commute everyday on the freeway. And I noticed something a couple months ago. Obama bumper stickers are rare. This is southern California now.
Last week I saw one the entire week! And not only that, Obama yard signs are almost non-existant in San Diego. At least pretty much every neighborhood I drive through. This may not be scientific but it does seem to be saying something. People have abandoned the prez.

IN 2008 it was hard not to see an Obama sign just about everywhere you looked. Obama bumper stickers covered a lot of cars. Now, its hard to find any. Really hard.

When people are proud to vote for someone they show it. Even here in San Diego, it seems there is little to no enthusiasm for Mr. Bengazi. More and more people are being turned off by the dishonest handling and spin of the Bengazi incident, not to mention the vicious and deceitful campaign against Romney who people now see doesn’t have horns. The more negative the Obama campaign gets the more dishonest they look.

People are really turned off by the racial nonsense. They call anyone who disagrees with them a racist. Not a great way to win friends and influence people. And with such a record of failure and trampling on people’s rights I’d say old Barry’s worn out his welcome.

Romney Won

Last night’s debate was kind of karmic as Mitt Romney did to President Obama what he did to John McCain in the 2008 Debates. Look presidential and calm while the other guy look agitated and defensive. Romney won not just on the facts, but also by being honest where Obama wasn’t. In the age of the internet you can’t tell whoppers and get away with it. You also need to have command of the facts. President Obama’s joke about horses and bayonets will haunt him since the military still uses both and horses were prominently used in Afghanistan.

In the end, Obama can’t run from his failed record as president and Romney drove it home over and over again. Watch Obama slide even more in the next two weeks. The desperation he showed last night was very telling. A incumbent shouldn’t be so agitated. They should look like the calm one.

Obama looked like a loser to most people. Romney looked like a winner. In many people’s minds, the decision on November 6 will be an easy one.