Change You Can Believe In

According to Rasmussen, President Obama is less popular now than George Bush was when he left office. 46% strongly disapprove of Obama today as opposed to 43% did for Bush in his last week in office. So much for the Won.

As I said when he got elected, the only place for someone to go who is built up so high is down. And since Obama is a mediocrity at best, it has done this in an incredibly short time. It took Bush years and two wars to be as unpopular as he was. Obama did that in less than a year. Imagine how bad it will be next year as the recession rolls on. And taxes go way up. And unemployment continues to rise.

And it’s an election year which means the Democrats are facing massive losses. Especially considering how angry people are on the right AND the left over this health care fiasco. As it is now, everyone’s insurance policies will go up dramatically but you don’t get any benefits for years, you will be forced to buy insurance when you weren’t before, under the threat of fines or jail and all sorts of new taxes kick in, etc. That is really going to play well. Yep.

The Democrats showed themselves to be way more arrogant and out of touch than Republicans did a few years ago. Quite an achievement, and they did it in a lot less time, like the president.

Obama may go down as the most unpopular, ineffectual and incompetent president in history. And he may take his party with him when he goes.

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  1. I only hope people hold the media responsible for Obama and the Democrats, too.

    Don’t forget — the vast majority of the media in the US LIED about who these people are.

    That’s why we have a country led by bullies, crooks, and an incompetent who can’t stop putting his finger in h…

    I’m gonna stop there.

    It’s the holidays.

    Next year is when there will be hell to pay.

    I just hope between now and November 2010 that people don’t forget what the Obamanation has wrought.

    I can honestly see people being distracted enough by the next celebrity scandal or death. Remember how the news cycle goes.

    I am fortunately surrounded in broadcast class by a bunch of people who lack common sense, tact, and an ability to learn and do things for themselves. They are unfortunately the majority of us now…

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