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Andrew Brietbart launched a sister site to Big Hollywood today called Big Government and a bunch of articles there nailed two ACORN employees in Baltimore for helping some undercover journalists try to set up an underage house of prostitution. Great way to launch a site. Citizen journalism is replacing the old media in relevance in major ways.

The MSM is dead, long live the internets!

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  1. ACORN has been flailing around hysterically, claiming “racism” and “Fox News is a big meanie” and “it’s all a smear” (I don’t think they know the meaning of the word “smear”) and their very favorite, “It was just a couple of people who have nothing to do with us!” And finally, “It was a setup because they tried this in five places and got thrown out in the others and we even called the cops!” (Note: no police reports have been produced.)
    And then the reporters released another tape this morning of them getting yet another ACORN office to support their efforts to establish a kiddie brothel. So, ACORN–you claimed five times. They succeeded twice. So only about 30% of ACORN offices support setting up tax-evading child prostitution houses full of illegal aliens?
    Oh, well, then…that’s okay!
    But just a little less disgusting than this was the CNN response to the tape: they called in some Clinton hack lawyer to explain what the reporters might have done that was illegal. Not ACORN–the two reporters.
    The MSM can’t die soon enough for my taste.

  2. Unbelievable! The Maryland DA has just announced he’s going after the reporters and NOT the ACORN people who were aiding and abetting multiple felonies!!
    This is truly a bizarro universe.
    However, something tells me O’Keefe and Giles are going to be swamped by a wave of assistance of the very highest quality.

  3. And the MSM has given almost zero attention to this except a few online articles. Meanwhile the Census has cut of ACORN from the census taking.

    Heads will roll. Beck and Brietbart are kicking ass.

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