Civil War 2

I was going to post that this election cycle has been pretty entertaining so far. I mean, Palin endorsing Trump, Glen Beck endorsing Cruz in response, Hillary under a cloud of indictment, Sanders thinking raising taxes by 19 trillion dollars is going to stimulate the economy and create jobs (oh, man. Now that’s funny!). But, the lies being tossed back and forth just makes it another ugly year. Perhaps even uglier than the McCain/Obama or Gore/Bush elections. Changing of the guard elections are the worst.

The nation keeps getting more, not less, divided. In part because so called leaders claim to try to bring people together and they do the opposite. We’re at a sad stage in history where political interests spend millions of dollars on fake AstroTurf campaigns and social networking agitprop and people actually believe the crap that gets put out by the BS political websites, which are aimed at making you mad, if you are dumb enough to buy into it. They want you mad. They want you to think you are smart to believe their lies. That’s the sick part. It’s very easy to double check the claims. But most people are too lazy.

There’s also this thing called confirmation bias. People will agree with something if it sounds like something they already believe, whether it’s true or not. It’s why so many people are full of it.

Add to that all the racial animosity which is ginned up by political groups who think dividing people is the path to getting them to vote for who they want them to. This is especially vile. Listening to the hateful rhetoric on the Oscars has been a good example. People who express an option supporting merit over race get called racists or sell outs. And this is over a stupid award which has always been political and rarely goes to the right person or movie.

It’s all kind of depressing and I don’t see how either of the two likely presidential contenders are going to fix that. They are both divisive in their own way. One wonders how bad it will get before people are actually at each other’s throats.

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