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  1. And the hits just keep on coming! You’ve gotta check out the new ClimateGate blockbuster from New Zealand. Another hockey stick stinker, created by “research” from one of the CPU gang for the New Zealand Government’s chief climate advisory unit, NIWA.


    Ahhh, the timing of all this…Hopenhagen, indeed.

    Man-made climate change: just tweak a data set and man, you’ve made the climate change!

  2. I was looking at that old Fortran code they had…the programmers’ comments are hilarious.
    “What does THIS do?”
    “Why does this always produce a positive integer?”

  3. You do have the full story, and not just whatever some person thought was worth releasing from what fraction of material he got his hands on.

    BTW, unlike government economics, in climatology math can result in positive integers.

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