Comic Con: Friday

I had a great time yesterday. Spent some time with Batton at his booth. Lots of people coming up saying how much they love our strip Obama Nation.

The place was packed, as usual. Lots of interesting things to see, like Odin’s Thone at the Marvel booth from the new movie.

My writing panel went really well. It was in a huge room which was full. I estimate maybe 300 people or more in attendance. They all seemed to really like it. As promised, I will be writing a post covering what I discussed after the con.

Then I went to a party thrown by my management company. I got some interesting news on projects we’re trying to set up and I had some great talks with some writers and directors. Then my old pals Brian Bendis and David Mack showed up and we caught up with each other. It had been years since I saw Brian last.

Well, that’s it for now. Off to day two of the con!

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  1. Neat to meet fans of OBAMA NATION in person. Have you also met fans of USEFUL IDIOTS? Can't imagine people who read one but not the other.

    Wow, 300 attendees for your writing panel! Wish I were one of them!

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