Comic Con: Saturday and Sunday

I didn’t have time to post anything the last couple of days. I was at the con, then got home really late and crashed, then got up and went back again.

Saturday I caught up wit more friends, had a few business talks with people. Then I went out to dinner with Greg Horn. We’ve decided to do a book together again. More on that later.

Sunday, more catching up with friends like Dan Brereton Then I had some hours to kill before attending two parties. So I went to the Horton Plaza mall and saw Inception which I really liked. Excellent film. Very smart.

The first party I went to was Bob Chapman’s Dead Dog party which is very exclusive. This was the first time I had ever been to one. It was great because a lot of people were there I hadn’t seen in years. Like Bruce Jones, who inspired me to do the kind of independent books I wanted to do rather than just take a paycheck and write other people’s characters. Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons were there and a host of others. I hung out with Sergio Aragones, Tom Yeates and Ron Randall for a lot of the evening then made my rounds saying hi to old friends.

Around midnight I went over to the Hyatt and visited Bill Willingham’s Dead Dog party (the name for these parties comes from how people feel after a con). I chatted with Bill who I haven’t had a chance to really talk to in a few years. Then got home really late. Hard to believe it’s already over. But that’s comic con.

One little bit of fun I might mention from the con is this: If you remember that Odin Throne in a couple posts down I mentioned. There are big doors behind it. The other day the doors opened and the Destroyer came out of them. He is one of the villains Thor has to fight in the movie. Here’s his picture.

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