Comic Con Writing Workshop

I will be teaching a one hour writing workshop at the Comic Con this year. Something I used to do back in the early 90s and I missed doing. Here is the info.

Thursday, July 22
4:30-5:30 Writing Workshop Room 30CDE
James D Hudnall, (Espers, The Psycho) explains the fundamentals of writing effective fiction and characters. James details the core principals you will need to write strong, meaningful stories. How to make your idea work to their best effect. How to make a character believable. How to make the reader care. Some of the most important things a writer can learn in an hours time.

If you come to the con next month, don’t forget! I will mention this again the week leading to the convention.

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  1. I attended one of these by Mark Evanier. I learned

    1. The format for writing comics page panel dialog and

    2. All about his new car – which was apparently awesome.

    Other than that, not so much.

    At least he didn't do the “assh*le” scene from “Art School Confidential”.

  2. In mine you will learn the really important stuff. A lot of people who teach about writing comics are like dance and singing teachers that get can't pass an audition. They don't know anything.

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