Comic Con

I didn’t go to preview night yesterday, but I’m heading to comic con today. I will report back when I return.

UPDATE: I did a con report for Big Hollywood that will be posted soon. The publisher booths were mostly scaled down from years past except for DC and Marvels. Marvel had a very cool bunch of Iron Man armors, life sized at their booth. They were different versions starting with the crude one from the beginning of the movie.

The place seemed as packed as ever. I had fun today.

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  1. Heard they were expecting like 135,000 people a day?

    So much for the recession at SDCC!

    Anyhow, wish I could have gone but it didn’t work out for me for a variety of reasons.

    I’ve seen a small schedule of what’s going on there and I’m convinced I’m not really missing that much this year.

    Also, in spite of the wares displayed at SDCC I’ve been hearing of a lot of small support companies (prop manufacturers, car suppliers, costumers) going out of business in the LA area. Film production is leaving California in a big way and the entertainment jobs just aren’t as centered the state as they used to be…

    P.S. — I’ve also seen funnyman TenNapel is doing an SDCC series at Big Hollywood, too. Guy’s a big-time conservative and a bit nutty, too.

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