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  1. I had no idea there were people afraid of rainbows! And chemtrails? Contrails, right?

    I once had a friend in South Park, San Diego, directly under the flight path for planes landing at Lindbergh Field. The air is humid over SD, and you can see the contrails coming off the ends of the lowered flaps of the plane, even up close. I tried in vain to convince him that the planes were not dumping fuel. He just wouldn’t believe my story about condensation. People will believe anything so long as it’s stupid.

  2. This nutbar’s lack of observational skills is nothing short of jaw-dropping. She claims that “rainbows near the ground” never happened 20 years ago…I was enchanted by the rainbows in the spray from my garden hose when I was a child 40-odd years ago. She needs a quick course in optics – not that that would do her any good…

  3. Chemtrails? Ha! What rubbish. I hear that the same people that believe in them also dismiss the solid ‘man-in-a-cave’ theory for 9/11. How dare these people question what the government tells them! How dare they show dissent. I think they, along with the climate change deniers, should be locked up.

  4. So, listening to stuff like this, is it any wonder that people like Gore can get half the world’s population to agree that the planet is warming dangerously, despite all evidence to the contrary.

    Doomed. Species.

  5. Haha, I didn’t actually watch the video until after I left the comment. But it is hilarious. Not sure how it related to chemtrails though.

    T haven’t spent any time learning about them, to be honest. I’ve got enough conspiracy theories on my plate 🙂 But I do know there are a lot of people out there discussing them, and that I’m not going to dismiss what they say outright without hearing a bit more about it.

    When the likes of the CFR are discussing it, it tends to make people a little wary (and rightfully so):
    It has even been discussed as a measure to combat climate change:
    Not to mention the mention of them in HR2977…

  6. Well, it relates in the sense that it ties into the “they’re oputting chemicals in the air!!!!” meme. Chem trails is the theory that contrails from plans is really dangerous chemicals being sprayed on us by the evil government. Apparently, condensation is some new thing that never existed, like these rainbows.

  7. Well, I think the main argument is that the water vapor should dissipate relatively quickly, but in much of the time lapse footage people have taken (there is a ton of it out there), the trails seems to linger for hours. Also, there is footage of these trails effectively ‘turning on’ and off behind the aircraft.

  8. “the trails seems to linger for hours. Also, there is footage of these trails effectively ‘turning on’ and off behind the aircraft.”

    Well, obviously that’s EVIL!!!! What other explanation could there be?

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