Copenhagen Crashes

At least one threat to human prosperity may have flamed out this week. The Copenhagen summit which is in disarray from a series of events. Protests, Climate Gate, leaks. Some countries even threatened a boycott.

In the end, it doesn’t look this this summit will archive much of anything close to what Lord Monckton warned, but the fact is the hacks are still acting like Global Warming is a reality even as snowstorms hit the conference.

Even Al Gore is coming under fire now for his ludicrous predictions.

And if you need more evidence that the warmists are in trouble, the trial lawyers are zooming in on the Climate Gate perps.

It’s far from over and we can’t relax yet. But if anyone needs a good list of reasons why AGW is bunk, here’s a good one. We simply can’t let the politicians regulate us into poverty and economic decline for fictional reasons. They already are doing that without the AGW spin. They don’t need more reasons. What they need to do is stop what they’re doing. Before the indictments get handed down. A lot of heads will roll in the end. This is the greatest scam of our times, and perhaps the most absurd.

UPDATE: Arnold S. and Brit PM Gordon Brown are the latest fools to go there to try to push this swill.

It’s turning into a major spectacle of stupidity all around. Obama was supposed to show up on the last day. I wonder if he will now.

And now the Russians say they have evidence the climate clowns cooked the books. Surprise.

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  1. Have you seen the new information on the Russian station measurements? Another kick in the nuts to the Warmists. Yes, more bad and massaged data! Shock! Surprise!

  2. Yep. Mentioned it in the updates. I suspect more will come out damning the warmists. And now that trial lawyers are getting into the act (see above) they are in for it. No mini-violin playing here.

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