Crazy Times

I see I haven’t posted anything in awhile. The world’s going nuts and my life has been kind of a whirlwind of sorts. More on that later but I’ve been busy with everything from working on my novels to cataloging my archives and so on. I decided a while ago to lay off the politics for awhile. People get spun up by the press. So much of what they are told is lies or hysteria and if you try to say something reasonable you get attacked as being insane. It gets tiring. The riots in Ferguson and Gaza have more than one side to them and it’s sad people can’t see that.

In any event here’s a picture of me at Comicon last month signing a book at a friend’s booth. People say I look good, but I still have a bunch of weight left to lose. It’s slowly coming off. I’m determined to get to the mid-200s hopefully by my birthday. It’s doable.


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