Cut the Spending

I know some people think I’m this crazy conservative because I dare criticize the powers that be. The truth is, my views are pretty mainstream as the polls show. I want smaller government, less spending, less waste, less taxes, more freedom. That last part, more freedom, comes from less government. Government is the enemy of liberty. It’s a necessary evil that should never be given too much power. We’re seeing that now, with the dismantling of our constitution, by kleptomaniac in Congress putting out fake legislation that benefits the people it’s supposed to punish while making it extremely hard for anyone else to compete with them. Government has always been the ally of the powerful and the crusher of the little guy. But it also always tells the little guy its their champion while it screws up their lives and limits their options.

There’s nothing crazy about wanting common sense and sanity to govern our leaders. Less power in their hands prevents them from getting away with corruption and crimes. To defend the expansion of government is to promote the loss of liberty. That is insane.

UPDATE: Meanwhile, the majority of Americans now see Obama’s policies are extreme. Gallup now has him at 39% among men. Welcome to the 30s, Barry!

The Welfare state is part of the problem. If you pay people to do nothing, they will.

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  1. “Welcome to the 30s, Barry!”

    Barry would like to drag us back *into* the 30s with some new New Deal. No deal!

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