DC Moves to Los Angeles

Well, for now all the “multi-media and digital content production operations to Warner Bros.’ lot in Burbank, California.” For years, Warner had wanted to move DC’s entire operations to L.A., but this is one of the things that Paul Levitz fought tooth and nail to prevent when he was running DC.

Now that he’s out as head of the company, can the publishing arm stay out there? The co-editors in chiefs are out in the California. Do the math.

The other question is, will Disney move Marvel out west now that they own it? Time will tell.

UPDATE: DC is folding Zuda comics and Wildstorm into the DC banner, and running them out of Burbank. It seems to me it would not come as a surprise if Warners didn’t start moving the whole company west next year.

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  1. At this point in time,

    I really could care less about the corporate restructurings at Marvel or DC.

    Hopefully, the older, better comics will stay in print in one form or another…

    IF the publishing arms died off or scaled down drastically — which could happen — or go to a digital subscription, I could care less.

    The quality of what is being put out now is the worst I’ve seen in my lifetime and none of it is worthh cover price, IMHO.

    I feel bad for people who are addicted to this stuff in spite of the bad economy and keep collecting it. The comic lines are at the saddest point they’ve been since the 1970s and sales have never been worse than they are now, period. The editors don’t seem to serve any purpose at either company and most of the direction is being dictated by a small group of writers… I frankly don’t care for the dourness and nihilism that’s engulfed both DC and Marvel for the past 10 years and better…

  2. As a proud New York native and East Coaster, I find it very disheartening that local talent is being lured to LA. DC and possibly Marvel are no exceptions, whether they’re in their prime or not. And New York is where the majority of the comics business originated! So I find this really sad.

    As an aspiring (and independent) cartoonist myself, I could never move to California or LA. (*Visit* there, that’s another story.) I just don’t see it as the solution to everything. My heart belongs in the East Coast, so I’m closer to home (both my family and New York, where I was from).

  3. The moving of offices to LA-LA Land is not a good thing.

    The days of independence from the executives who want to spin-off characters into movies is in effect over.

    I think that if series were already NOT as bad as they are in general they’d be dumbed down more than they have been so far.

    Again, I think the writing and editorial already were at that sad point prior to these “consolidations.”

    To guys like Quesada and most of the DC folk (who already ARE in LA!), this is no big deal… They’re looking for their next jobs in Hollywood and have been motioning to break into movies because that’s where the big money is. In the meantime, whether they realize it or not, they’re weakening the publishing lines with all those boneheaded ideas that have been coming down the pike for the better part of 20 years now.

    As if half the stuff DC has been doing lately wasn’t bad enough — the WW revamp, the constant cycles of death and resurrection, the overuse of prime characters like Batman and Superman, etc. –, Quesada has managed to alienate a lot of fans with the dumbest plotting and story ideas in Spider-Man’s comics as well as turning Marvel’s landscape into something that many long-time fans find unrecognizable.

    I guess that’s what happens when you hire indie people to be Executive Editors. IF the guy in charge is ashamed of superheroes, he’s going to turn your line into something that is generally negative and anything but heroic!


    Ironically, the best superhero films have been based on the better runs of the comics when the superheroes were acting like superheroes.

    These source materials are being exhausted fast though because most characters don’t exactly have great runs and you can count good comics in the dozens for many characters instead of the hundreds or thousands that exists for individual prime characters like Superman and Batman.

    People in Hollywood now don’t know what’s a good story for the most part… and the best stuff was generally written 20 years before the Brain Trusts took over at Marvel and DC.

    This is to say nothing of the fact that the superhero genre is in general exhausted. DC and Marvel in addition to other companies should have been developing other genres over the past decades but like greedy people with no ideas they whored out and milked their bread-and-butter too much.

    It’s a shame really. They should have left the superheroes to kids and as fantasy characters. Do more adult things with detective comics and comics in Playboy or Heavy Metal if they want.

    Leave the fairy tales for the kids and kids at heart…

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