DC Revamping

Paul Levitz has been moved sideways and Warner is revamping DC.

Paul Levitz, who has served as President & Publisher of DC Comics since 2002, will segue from that role to return to his roots as a writer for DC and become a contributing editor and overall consultant to DCE. This transition will take place as expeditiously as possible without disrupting DC’s business operations.

In his new role, Levitz will be called upon for his deep knowledge and more than three-decade history with DC Comics, both as a comic creator and an executive. Besides serving as a writer on a number of DC Comics titles, he will be a contributing editor and consultant to DC Entertainment on projects in various media. Additionally, he will consult as needed on the transition and integration of the DC Comics organization into DC Entertainment and will utilize his unique experience, knowledge and relationships with the comics industry’s creative community to help achieve DC Entertainment’s goal of maximizing the value of DC properties. Further, Levitz will advise DC Entertainment on creative and rights-holder relationships, in particular regarding the legacy relationships that have been a part of DC Comics for decades.

They probably want to make DC like Marvel Entertainment.

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  1. I loved it when Rob LIefeld piped his opinion on Newsarama.com about the fact that “old men should move aside for young men.”

    How about this Rob — get people who have more energy and are MORE competent regardless of age? Get people who have enthusiasm for the comics field and care about the characters and storytelling!

    Besides, anything coming from Liefeld’s mouth has to be taken with a grain of salt. Remember, he is the king of broken promises and has had more lawsuits filed against him than practically any other person in comics.

    I don’t know how good Levitz was for DC but I know for a fact that I haven’t cared for much of what Dan Didio has done for the company any more than Joey Q and his buddies at Marvel.

    The thing that this restructuring does is that it puts DC directly under the microscope at WB. If people at DC goof around and don’t do their jobs, or if somebody higher up doesn’t like the sales figures, there’s going to be some major bloodletting.

    Levitz is out of the field of fire, guys. He doesn’t lose anything. Didio and the other editors at DC are in the most direct view of the corporate gunscopes now.

    The one thing that I sincerely hope comes out of this is a refocus on DC’s lower profile characters… There should have been a Flash movie made by now. What about Wonder Woman? What about the weird characters and science fiction elements like Doom Patrol, Adam Strange, and the Omega Men? There’s a heck of a lot more to both Marvel and DC than just the spandex crowd.

    Frankly, I hope the Warner Bros DC Animation Dept gets left alone… Those are the only guys who have been doing a consistently good job for close to 20 years now!

  2. People tell me Levitz spent the last 20 years protecting DC from such scrutiny. He basically tried to keep it as autonomous as possible. But he couldn’t do that forever.

    I think we’ll see a lot of changes, not necessarily for the better. It will probably become more bottom line oriented now.

  3. First Disney buys Marvel, now DC apes Marvel.

    I think DC was pretty desperate to see that the whole “Disney buys Marvel” hoopla took the spotlight away from them, and are trying to one-up Marvel for more attention.

    “Disney buys Marvel” got so much media attention, while, in comparison, the sound of crickets chirping is pretty much the atmosphere surrounding this news about DC.

    It’s obvious prima-donna aping.

  4. George,

    Regardless of the many comic-book genres, costumed heroes or not, I’ll give Marvel one thing; regardless of content, they can actually diversify. They have more than one popular character.

    DC, on the other hand, only has Batman. Batman, Batman, Batman, more Batman, more Batman, even MORE Batman, and undoubtedly more Batman to come. Even with the lawsuit over the ownership of Superman, other characters like Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Flash and others are insignificant to DC. Yeah, there’s been new WONDER WOMAN and GREEN LANTERN animated films, so what? They’d rather let it stop there!? More could be done with those characters, such as movies, or even new TV cartoon shows! I could see Warner maybe do a new Supergirl cartoon series (much like the SUPERGIRL comic miniseries, COSMIC ADVENTURES IN THE 8TH GRADE) to appeal to little girls. But noooooo! DC unnecessarily focuses ALL of its energy on the Almighty Bat. It’s a missed opportunity, and it’s very, very, very, very sad.

    And I wouldn’t be laughing my ass off at DC’s latest antic if it wasn’t so pathetic and obvious!

  5. DC has made a huge mistake not giving creators more incentives to create new characters for their lines, and relying on the same cynical hacks for everything. Every time they tried a line it was a half assed attempt and then they killed it.

  6. Hud,

    Since when has Marvel really done differently than DC in that regard, too?

    Books at both companies are being largely written by whoever is teacher’s pet of the moment and these guys are stretched thin as it is!

    Neither company at the moment is offering anybody incentive to create something new… Anything you do for them becomes their property with vague promises of credit and next to no chance of profit participation. The only guys who get bylines for creating characters are still Siegel, Shuster, Kane, and Marston at DC. Every other characters’ creators are pretty much only known through fan historians and the pros that spoke up. The companies have no interest in promoting creators when it’s the characters that are important to them. Past creators (Cockrum, Messner-Loebs, etc.) in very desperate circumstances (life-threatening illnesses, poverty) have had to beg to get so much as a bone thrown to them from the company executives! Both companies are still getting sued all the time because of shady business practices and broken promises. Important contracts and papers always turn up “missing” or shredded just prior to trials.


    I like Johns’ work on GL but frankly still think Hal Jordan needs more personality than we generally see. His other stuff I’ve never cared for. Definitely think he and Didio should be barred from killing more characters for at least 5 years! The amount of gore and dismemberment in this guy’s backyard is tremendous. That’s my biggest issue with him besides the fact that his stories seem very plot-driven at the expense of characterization.

    Bendis — the less said, the better. I just don’t see the big deal about the guy. His work leaves me cold and he’s turned the Avengers into the Breakfast Club or some other talking heads B.S. that I could care less about.

    I can’t really think much to say about other writers. A bunch of these guys are names I just don’t recognize and what I see largely validates my decision to stop buying monthlies. The consistency and quality just isn’t there to justify the cost of a 32-page obsolete format. If mediocrity weren’t so prominent I’d say it’s the blandness that’s turning me off — not even the lack of diversity in genres.

  7. Marvel is guilty of it, too. As you say. Neither company really knows how to step out of their safety zone. At least DC has had some success with Vertigo.

    Marvel things with “thousands” of characters they’re set, but we all know teh valuable characters are few and far between

  8. My beef with the “valuable” characters is that they’re overexposed as it is.

    I’m sick of Wolverine, Batman (to a large extent), Spider-Man, Superman, and several others because they get the spotlight all the time.

    I think there are lower-tier characters that are just as valuable and marketable. Green Lantern, for instance, literally has its own universe of characters to plumb. The Flash to a lesser extent is something that could be exploited, too. Why nothing is being done with either Wonder Woman or Supergirl is beyond me. The fact that DC still doesn’t understand that the Batgirl that makes the most sense is the Barbara Gordon character is another puzzle to me beyond the fact that they’re trying appease the politically correct handicapped superhero crowd… Uh, yeah!

    (Barbara Gordon in and of herself is a great argument for sexism within comics. Break Batman’s back, he’s back a year later with no lasting physical consequences. Kill Superman, and the same. Rape, mutilate, or physically disable a female character and she can never return to her iconic role again. Tons of female characters have suffered stuffed in the fridge syndrome or like Babs been shuffled to the side in favor of blander ninja characters or teens without a clue…)

    Beyond the superheroes, you have great characters like the Blackhawks, Challengers of the Unknown, the Black Knight, and so forth that AREN’T superheroes but could make the basis for great genre and action/adventure films with eccentricities and their own uniqueness. The latter traits are things that are badly needed in film today. The blandness and general interchangeability of a lot of films keeps older folks and fatigued film fans away from theaters.

    New characters are needed. Not everybody can or should be Bruce Wayne, Clark Kent, or Peter Parker…

  9. I agree. There are good characters in there, the problem is, they don’t know how to work with them and most of the current writers are too jaded or cynical or leftist to write something that works

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