Dealing with Reality

Reality is all that matters when it comes to government. You have to go with what’s true over the false. What works over what doesn’t.

It doesn’t matter what politicians say, it matters what they do. If they do not act in accordance with the law, if they do things that are reckless and unworkable, they need to go.

It doesn’t matter what party they’re from. We only need realists in government. People who will not spend us into oblivion.

For example, we had several stimulus bills under different names. They did not work. The first was to fund “shovel ready jobs” that never materialized. And then we find that 72,000 stimulus checks went to dead people. I guess the democrats were trying to repay their voters.

The choice we have next month is between politicians who want to keep spending us into bankruptcy, who don’t care about the constitution or the rule of law or what the people want. And politicians who claim they will follow the constitution, cut spending and taxes, eliminate waste. We don’t know if some of these fresh faces will live up to their promises, but we know, for a fact and from bitter experience that the politicians who’re trying to keep their jobs have failed us miserably, have done what they pleased rather than what we wanted.

No more.

The president and his party have no solutions that work. They are miserable failures and frauds. They can’t run on their record so they are trying to demonize their opponents. Always a sign of a liar. Honest people don’t need to do that.

It’s almost a cosmic metaphor when Obama’s presidential seal fell off his podium and then a bunch of people got sick at one of his rallys. The president has made nothing but wrong moves from day one. And this coming election looks to be a repudiation of both him and the Democrats.

The only question is, will the Republicans actually do what they claim once they’re elected.

The tea party may be there to make sure they do. But time will tell. All we can do is get rid of the baggage that has been dragging us down and hope for the best.

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  1. Reason Magazine did an analysis of the spending on infrastructure projects in Obama’s “shovel ready” stimulus. The final total? 1.8%.

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