Dear CNN

Dear CNN: Before you lecture people on how they should behave please explain why you speculated on the president getting assassinated before he was sworn in. Why did you employ a person who was photographed holding up his severed head and why did you finance a play where he was assassinated? Why did you lie about him being a pawn of Russia for a year then now act like that never happened? Why did you put on a man who rushed the president’s stage when he was a candidate and act like he was a hero?

If you’re so concerned about how reporters are treated why did you not complain about President Obama sending reporters to jail? Why didn’t you complain about that same president spying on reporters?

Here’s a news flash for you, you’re a joke who has been lying to the public for decades. You used to employ people who took money from Saddam Hussein while they reported on the Gulf War. Your own people say the Trump/Russia story is a ‘nothing burger’ and you do it for ratings.

Few people believe you anymore. Your self-righteous act is a farce like your so called news.

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