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  1. The letter has been cleared as true by Snopes, which, considering their left-wing bent, is pretty solid, I think.

  2. I wonder why we haven’t seen a letter from American Jews bemoaning their choice and its consequences for their cousins overseas…

    I just saw a link to a video to some drunk kids in Israel cussing out BO. That I don’t care about so much.

    I want to know WHY sober people would vote for a guy who’s been associated with so many virulently anti-Semitic creeps.

    I’ve got cousins living in a country that’s been on the constant verge of civil war for 40 years but I’ve never consciously voted for a politician who would let the “home country” as it were go to hell.

    What’s the left-wing American Jew excuse for voting for BO?

  3. A lot of American Jews of left wing persuasion, are embarrased or brainwashed into dislikimg Israelis. They buy into all the anti-Israel propaganda just like they bought into all the left wing propaganda about the war.

    The lead singer of Disturbed, who is Jewish, went on an anti-Israeli rant on a radio show I listened to a couple years ago. I think I talked about it on here.

  4. Aren’t many of Obama’s closest advisors Jewish? Axelrod, Summers, Orszag, Emanuel? And the likes of Clinton and Biden have openly championed Zionist agendas.

    What are his failings toward Israel? Has he reduced the amount of foreign aid? (third of the total foreign aid spending, incidentally)

    Or is it just the recent Arab-ass kissing tour that has people upset?

    I’m not stirring – I’m geniunely interested.

  5. He basically said the US would not tolerate any Israeli action against Iran’s reactors and said Iran had a night to nuclear power plants. He seems to be sucking up to Iran and has been making a lot of moves that are seen as unfriendly to Israel, which include not visiting them on the two occasions he was in the area, speaking in Egypt, one of the worst countries in the region for human rights, and sucking up to the Saudis, even bowing to their king.

  6. Why doesn’t Iran have the right to nuclear power? Perhaps Obama is thinking ahead – and wanting to sell them a couple of light water reactors like Clinton did to North Korea.

    Bowing to a King? Not visiting a country? What the hell? So what? Perhaps the MSM have been pumping up these irrelevant incidences to distract the public from the current economic woes?

    Obama was sucking up to the Saudis because it is imperative they keep buying up US bonds. It is the same reason Geithner went to China.

    btw- This whole ‘anti-semitic’ carry on is bullshit. As soon as someone protests against anything remotely interpreted as anti-Israel or anti-Jewish their slugged with this term. More PC nonsense.

  7. You asked what set people off, I just threw off some examples. Not visiting one of our most dependable allies sends a bad message. Light water reactors can be changed into the kind that can produce materials. See North Korea. Clinton/Carter deserve blame for the North Korean nukes. Obama is sending all the wrong signals to Iran who is going to play him for a fool like the North Koreans did to any president (including W) who tried to reason with them.

    Obama is not respected by foreign leaders. Moves like his recent ones only make things worse.

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