Death to the Tyrants

So shouts the people on the streets of Iran. They have my support. Drag those mullahs out in the street and make a bonfire.

The government is pouring burning acid on protesters and murdering students in their dorms. They’re sentencing protesters to life in prison like they did in the 90s. Time to put an end to this insane regime.

The question is, will these unarmed students be able to pull down this fanatical government? It happened in Europe, in places like Poland and Czechoslovakia. It can happen, but the question is, will it. The world waits with baited breath. In teh meantime, the unrest is going to cause oil prices to shoot waaay up.

Obama has finally pulled away from his photo ops and TV puff pieces to make a statement. Seeing how long it took him, he’s making Bush look like Superman during Katrina.

If Iran were to become a moderate country again, it oul be a game changer in the world stage. North Korea would have one less friend. Terrorist groups would lose one of their last sponsor states. Chavez would have one less ally. And the threat to Israel would disappear.

It’s important we all do what we can to support these protesters.

Video Roundup.

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  1. And it would show the Bush approach to the Middle East is beginning to bear fruit. “It’ll just create more terrorists,” my ass.

  2. Hud, no doubt you’ll be in full support of the people of Zimbabwe, Burma, Syria, Ethiopia, Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Egypt and the those of many other nations that suffer greatly from the abusers of human rights that lead their countries. But odd it is that the role of World Police is only used selectively, huh? I wonder why that could be.

    Unarmed students? You honestly think that the CIA have played no role in these protests?

    Toren – yep, and plenty more deaths. Oops, I mean collateral damage.

    Tim, I sure hope you’re taking the piss.

  3. Actually, Jeremy, I am. But none of those other countries have an active nuke program or have declared they want to destroy America. So that has something to do with people’s concern and focus on Iran. As bad as the Shah was, he did provide a much more progressive society in Iran. Women had equal rights there.

    I’ve complained about many of these other states before, especially the Sudan, Zimbabwe, Saudi Arabia and let’s not forget the Congo and North Korea.

    As for the CIA, seriously, you think these people don’t want to be free of this fanatical government? The same thing may happen here in a few years, and the CIA won’t be the reason.

  4. Iran would be wiped off the map in a nanosecond if they attacked anyone with a nuclear weapon. The same goes for North Korea. While they might throw us threatening rhetoric it is only to galvanised support of their own people. We instead need to see through this facade of fear that our media and government spew out hyping up their claims. It is baseless. The one thing it does is maintain the status quo, and gives the government the right to continue explanding it’s grand imperial interests over the planet.

    The only legitimate threat the US has is from within. So much rests on the health of the dollar. If China, Japan and the other lenders decide to stop buying Treasuries then the real trouble starts. One way make these creditors happy is to tighten up our books. And as it turns out, ‘fucking with other sovereign nations’ costs a good chunk of $800b spent on military/national security (as of the 2009 budget). Could be a good place to start. Unless you prefer higher taxes? Or should we just keep running the printing press?

    Besides, I thought being non-interventionalist was constitutional? Or did I miss an ammendment?

  5. Iran and NK are run by insane sociopaths. I don’t think rational arguments apply there. But you’re confusing support for the freedom of others with a declaration of war. Sheesh!

    I would like us to be less involved with a lot of the world’s problrms, and a shutdown of large chunks of the federal government which is expanding even more under Obama in 6 months than all of Bush’s 8 years. He just signed a big intrusive tobacco law and they are looking to sic the FCC on bloggers.

    So yeah, I am more concerned about what’s going on here. But I reallt hate repressive governments. It’s appalling that no one is willing to deal with NK which is the worst society in earth. What’s going on there is hell. Ditto Zimbabwe

  6. “Collateral damage” is a precise military term that means “damage unintended by the attack.” This can be vehicles, infrastructure, buildings, and yes, people. It was the media who, in their “newspeak” way, decided it was some hidden military code for “killing innocent people” and then got all huffy about it. Just as they did with “assault weapons” and many others. Orwell, as a reporter, knew well the power of words to shape opinion which is why NewSpeak was so important in “1984.”

    That said, if the end result of people dying is that the rebels in Iran overthrow the mullahs and get a freer society, and that spreads onward throughout the Middle East, the blood will be worth it–to be bluntly pragmatic. Nations in the ME have been slaughtering each other in vast numbers for a long time and if you have to cut out one lung to stop cancer, this is what is called a “cost/benefit” ratio. In a perfect world, they all would have thrown down their arms after Obama spoke to them, or after the 217th UN Resolution telling them to quit being naughty. Oddly, they didn’t.
    Time for Plan B, I guess.

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