Dem Doom 2009

I don’t know if Barbara Boxer is the stupidest person in the Senate, but she seems to be reaching for that brass ring. Check out this exchange with Senator Inhofe.

She wants to go after the whistler blower, and not the crooks behind Climate Gate. Which is typical behavior of corrupt politicians. But seriously, she takes the cake.

Like Jerry Brown, the California Atty General who wants to go after the two film makers who exposed ACORN. We live in a time where politicians blatantly flaunt their disregard for the law and the public, yet they expect us to reelect them. Brown wants to run for California governor again (even though he already served a couple terms in the past).

The public isn’t buying it anymore. Boxer is up for re-election next year and she is not polling well. Neither is Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas, who saw her poll numbers drop dramatically after voting to allow Obamacare into the Senate for debate. If that doesn’t put the fear of god into these fools, I don’t know what will. But then, they don’t believe in anything but power.

Yet they are about to lose it. Perhaps not enough for Republicans to completely take over in the next election, but serious losses are heading their way. The arrogance being displayed is beyond the pale. They continue to push for their failed agenda. Despite all that coming to light.

I think the Democrats are making themselves radioactive, and not a moment too soon. They’re doing unbelievable damage every day.

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  1. Bill Quick used to use the phrase “dumb as a box of Boxers” as an insult.
    I had a sort of sick laugh over this move. I wonder if she feels the same about all other leaks, such as the NYT’s regular publication of classified information, or maybe even the Pentagon Papers.
    Climategate comments:
    They’re running scared over Climategate. Even the people involved are starting to turn on each other. Universities are falling over their own feet to distance themselves. The AGW and Green crowd’s weak defenses and incoherent and contradictory talking points are so lame even Joe Average is laughing about them (“No, ‘trick’ just means a clever scientific move! Ignore the ‘to hide the decline’ two sentences later!”). Other scientist are mad as hell about the damage to public confidence in science in general.
    This is definitely a “full case of popcorn” event, one that I’ve been waiting for since I started getting skeptical about global warming back in the early 2000s. I can’t wait until the FOIA requests for Hansen’s complete garbage GISS data and the weak NOAA data bear fruit. This is going to been a bloodbath and I intend to soak in it quite happily.

  2. Toren,

    A bunch of people still haven’t gotten the memo.

    The major 3 networks WON’T broadcast a story about the Climate Change data scandal and many people don’t read the news — online or paper –, either.

    It’s amazing that when I brought this up in a BROADCAST school class that everybody wanted to talk about Tiger Woods but my point got pushed aside. WHICH event will cost trillions of dollars of our money if the elected idiots in charge get their way????

    I’m hoping the Obama administration proves to be spineless and back-pedals from this but there are an awful lot of Kool-Aid drinkers in his crowd…

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