Dem Suicide Watch 2009

The Democrats are determined to go out like Thelma and Louise, only not as pretty or as stylish. And they may end up radioactive in the process.

Aside from raising the debt ceiling to some astronomical level, the Dems are determined to ram through a health care bill in the Senate. With the help of a couple of Maine RINOs.

If the CBO were to pronounce the package at least deficit-neutral – a big if, given the body’s ­Jesuitical approach to bud get accounting – the way would probably be cleared for a rapid vote in the Senate. Since the House of Representatives has already passed its own 1,990-page bill, only a seismic intervention could stop it from reaching Mr Obama’s desk within the ensuing weeks.

On Thursday, aides to Harry Reid, the Senate majority leader, said they believed the latest formulation would attract the 60 votes needed to prevent Republicans from being able to block it.

In addition, the fact Mr Reid is engaging the interest of two Republicans, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins, both senators for Maine, has provided added confidence that they may be able to afford to lose one Democratic vote in the upper chamber.

“We put together a bill that we believe has the best chance to overcome a Republican filibuster,” said Jim Manley, an aide to the Senate majority leader.

This comes in spite of the fact that a new poll shows 61% of the people oppose the Senate’s bill, which among other things wants to cover everyone 55 and older under Medicare. The very same Medicare they want to cut half a trillion out of. The very same Medicare that has 60 billion in fraud every year, and is about to go bankrupt.

Oh yeah, they are suicidal. And the poison they are taking will hurt the public before it kills them.

But in the end, it may just destroy their party. It’s too bad people didn’t listen to Lt. Grigsby 100 years ago.

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