Democrats Are Anti-Free Speech

Pelosi rammed another bill through this week with the usual sleazy backroom deal making, which is a “Campaign Finance Reform” law aimed at getting around the Supreme Court’s recent gutting of McCain/Feingold. This new bill once again limits free speech in political ads, except for unions, who are excluded from the law.

This Mark Levin podcast explains the scam.

The Democrats are constitutional criminals. There is no other honest way to describe them. They are systematically trying to rob us of our rights. They need to go.

[Via Gateway Pundit]

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  1. It's not just the Democrats, if memory serves, the original anti-free speech bill was co-authored by a certain John McCain – the guy who called his own constituents racist, the guy who wrangled the nomination by kissing the butt of the MSM and the left – and then got bupkis when it was payback time. The man who made sure the Bush tax cuts weren't permanent so that Obama et al don't have to take responsibility for raising taxes. A man who won a medal in war and then should have been retired to a shrimp boat in the gulf. The guy who now says “finish the damn fence” and the guy the moron voters in one of the most conservative states in the union are likely going to re-elect.

    You can't blame the Democrats for that.

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