Democrats Want to Raise Taxes

The Dems voted to go on recess until after the election rather than vote to extend Bush’s tax cuts or not, leaving businesses with more uncertainty until then (thus unable to employ more people). The decision was a tie until one person voted to break it in favor of recess. Guess who that was?

Nancy Pelosi.

The statists don’t want to extend the tax cuts which would allow businesses to hire more people, and get the economy back in gear. In fact, our intellectually disabled president has recently stated the following:

Obama defended the health care bill he signed in March, saying neither it, nor the stimulus package nor the automotive industry bailout last year was responsible for the size of the federal deficit to the extent that (Bush) tax cuts were.

Aside from the fact this is a blatant lie, tax cuts increase tax revenue because they encourage prosperity and growth. Thus, Bush’s tax cuts got America out of the dot com bust/911 recession early in his term and led to many years of prosperity until the Democrats took over the house and the housing bubble got us in this one.

The Democrats like to blame capitalism for economic downturns. but once again, it is over taxation and government mismanagement (in this case of Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac) which lead to the mess we’re in now. And they want to keep us all miserable by denying tax payers any relief. Taxes are set to go way up next year.

Nancy Pelosi didn’t want the vote to happen because she was afraid she would lose it. A lot of Democrats are bucking the President and Pelosi’s disastrous policies and want the extensions. They know it might help them get reelected. Too late, Dems. Your leader just shot down your chances.

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