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  1. Y’know this actually makes me think of Robocop and the main plot of the movies being Zee EEvul corportion OCP that only wanted to rebuild the city into exactly what the Dems wanted it to be like. I think private organization like OCP would have actually done a much better job at this than teh guv’ment. Ofcourse, for some reason or another, Frank Miller turned OCP into Nazis in Robocop 2 & 3 and made this corporation more like a socialist government entity. I cannot for the love of me figure out why they would think PRIVATE CORPORATION = NATIONAL SOCIALIST WORKERS PARTY! And why PMCs (see Robocop 3) = S.S. Stormtroopers. Why do Hollyweird writers get it so wrong?

  2. Yes, but the point they were trying to make is decades of Democrat administrations in Michigan, a very blue state, led to this. They turned a successful wealthy state into what it is now.

  3. Yeah,

    Michigan’s pretty much a crapfest. No jobs, unemployment is among the highest in the US.

    People are leaving the state and there’s no tax base to pay for basic things like road repair! They’re lettiing rural roads revert to pebble or dirt roads because of the cash crunch.

    I pray the same doesn’t happen to Ohio with the declining number of factory jobs.

    I’m afraid it might, though, because there are a bunch of dummies in state that will vote Democrat for socialist policies or because they’re union. Don’t these guys realize that’s why Michigan is such a @#$#!@hole right now?

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