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  1. Wow.

    Stark contrast.

    Night and day!

    Say what you will about W, but he always seemed more like a regular guy. That was part of his charm and appeal to many people in spite of his dyslexia. (Yes, he’s dyslexic, the Bush family just won’t admit it.) Barry just comes off as an autocratic creep. He’s far too into rigid ceremony and all the other B.S. that puts people off.

    By contrast, the Marines were whooping for Bush but still respectful of him. You could tell they were happy to see him.

    I thought one of the best things he did for the troops during his terms was popping up unannounced one Thanksgiving in the Gulf. Totally unexpected and not the orchestrated, almost Imperial (Star Wars Death Star/ROTJ hangar bay) reception given to Darth Obama.

    I think the way a politician treats the White House staff and troops says a lot about their character, btw…

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