Disdainful Rulers

In case you had any illusions the government really cares what the people think, look at the ad they created attacking the real anger the public has towards this health care bill. They try to dehumanize the protesters and call them a manufactured mob.

And this is a pattern that other Congress creeps have picked up like that odious hag, Barbara Boxer.

They think this is going to play, but only their loyal ideologues will buy into this attack. It’s really going to enrage the people who are now polling in significant numbers against Obama care. Another poll shows that 71% think Obama is making the deficit worse (it should be 100% since that is what is happening).

Even worse than the above is the White House’s call for people to turn in any emails on health care that criticize the administrations plans. It’s something you’d expect from a tin pot dictator. But maybe that’s what Obama is. Not only has he appointed a bunch of crackpots as his ministers czars (including a socialist, a communist, an animal rights loon and a guy who wants forced sterilization and genocide), he’s starting to use tactics right out of the fascist playbook.

So it’s hilarious that he is saying these protests and tea parties are “a manufactured mob”. His ACORN buddies have been doing that for years and unlike the protesters we’re seeing now, ACORN has printed signs and matching tee-shirts. The left has been doing astro-turfing for a while now. They’re really threatened when they see real voters upset. And their response is to say they’re all crazy or puppets.

It will come as a nasty surprise next year when they discover they don’t have the right divine to lord over us.

UPDATE: The violence has already started. The Dems are sending their goons in now. It’s going to get a lot uglier. The people will not back down.

This sums up the voters feelings quite well.

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  1. I am on the email newsletter distribution for my congressman (a Democrat). Usually the newsletter discusses what he’s been in involved with, legislation he’s sponsored, etc. Yesterday I received a newsletter that looked simply like something issued out of the Obama war room. It was a list of quotes from various media stories from Politico, the Washington Post, Roll Call, et al, basically questioning the legitimacy of the protests.

    The one that most infuriated me was, “… for anyone who treasures a functioning democracy, where ideas from all sides are respectfully debated, it’s a pretty ugly development. – Post Standard 8/5/09.” I don’t seem to remember any such condemnation when the crackpots, including (sadly) some media outlets, were screaming their vitriol about the Bush Administration.

    It was offered with no commentary from my representative. What am I supposed to do with this? Am I supposed to accept this as a persuasive argument for socialist health care? Am I supposed to believe that after 8 years of media screeching that “dissent is the highest form of patriotism” that any *questioning*, much less dissent, against the new administration is invalid because of some strawman argument? Hey congressman, how about a newsletter that explains where you stand on the issue, an argument that justifies your position, and, oh I don’t know, maybe a request for some feedback from your constituents? Not some piece of democrat propaganda tripe.

    Ironically, where I did not feel the need to engage my congressman on my opinion on this issue before I received this newsletter, I now feel compelled to do so.

  2. Here’s the email in it’s entirety.

    August 5, 2009

    Media Commentary on Town Hall Disruptions

    The Disruptions
    Politico’s The Huddle: “The inevitable backlash against the town halls gone wild has begun, as national conservative interest groups like FreedomWorks and Conservatives for Patients Rights are taking some credit for the hostile crowds, undermining the notion that these are purely local grassroots uprisings…” [Politico, 8/5/09]

    Politico’s The Huddle: “ASTROTURF PROTESTERS? Some of the town hall disrupters appear to be coming from outside of lawmakers’ districts, encouraged by conservative Internet sites…” [Politico, 8/5/09]

    Roll Call: “… the groups’ more dramatic tactics… have included the display of Nazi signs, a hanging effigy of Rep. Frank Kratovil (D-Md.) and a tombstone bearing the name of Rep. Lloyd Doggett (D-Texas)
    “Republicans have openly fanned the flames of the protests…
    “Grover Norquist, president of the conservative Americans for Tax Reform, said… his group is just one of several organizations, including Americans for Prosperity and the National Conservative Union, that have encouraged members to attend town-hall meetings…” [Roll Call, 8/5/09]

    Washington Post: “Conservative activists, though relatively small in number, have disrupted events… Some have been organized by the group Conservatives for Patients’ Rights, whose public relations team helped mastermind the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth attacks against Sen. John F. Kerry (D-Mass.) in his failed 2004 presidential bid.” [Washington Post, 8/5/09]

    ABC World News Tonight: “Clearly, some of [the demonstrating] is organized. Bob MacGuffie, grass roots conservative activist wrote a widely circulated memo to put the congressman “on the defensive with your questions and follow-up.” “The congressman should be made to feel that the majority and significant part opposes the socialist agenda of Washington. The goal is to rattle him…”
    “… One official from Freedom Works-run by corporate lobbyist Dick Armey says his group is organizing…” [ABC News, 8/4/09]

    Roll Call: “The National Republican Congressional Committee has been sending out e-mails titled ‘Recess Roastings’ that link to news articles and video clips of protesters at local health care events.” [Roll Call, 8/5/09]

    The website of Republican Leader John Boehner applauds and links to clips of disruptions and promises “a long, hot August for Democrats in Congress.” [GOPLeader.com, 8/3/09]

    Wanted: A Real Debate
    The Post Standard (New York) Editorial: “Central New York isn’t the only place where the debate over health care reform is getting testier than it has to be.
    “It turns out that the same kind of nonsense is being played out across the country as members of Congress on recess travel through their districts…
    “… for anyone who treasures a functioning democracy, where ideas from all sides are respectfully debated, it’s a pretty ugly development.” [Post Standard, 8/5/09]

    Green Bay Press Gazette (Wisconsin) – “The second of two forums U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen hosted this week to explain the health-care bill and get public feedback was hostile but more orderly than a gathering Monday night in Green Bay.
    “… Tactics used at Monday’s forum at the Brown County Central Library in Green Bay followed the strategy outlined by Bob MacGuffie of the Tea Party Patriots
    “Esther Hartzheim of Green Bay said she wanted to have some important questions answered Monday night but left after a half-hour.
    “‘I couldn’t take it anymore,’ she said. ‘It was clear people weren’t going to allow him (Kagen) to speak. The whole process was ugly. I’m very concerned and angry because this is an important issue.’” [Green Bay Press Gazette, 8/5/09]

    Herald Times Reporter (Wisconsin) Editorial: “What appeared to be an organized group of protesters continually shouted [U.S. Rep. Steve Kagen] down as he attempted to press on with his health care message at the Brown County Central Library.
    “It appeared by all accounts to be an organized protest… It appears some groups are urging aggressive turnouts at congressional listening sessions to protest government policies.
    “Little was accomplished at the Kagen health-care session, other than disruption. Viewpoints did not receive a proper airing…
    “Kagen expressed his frustration throughout the event, attended by about 300 people.
    “He’s absolutely right. There’s no place for mob behavior in these kinds of situations, and it shouldn’t be tolerated. We always can agree to disagree, but shouting down an adversary won’t accomplish anything.
    “Let order — not unruly mobs — rule the day.” [Herald Times Reporter, 8/4/09]

    Salisbury Post (North Carolina) Editorial: “Beware of staged disruptions.
    “With funding and staff support from advocacy groups opposed to health-care reform and to the Obama administration, organized groups have been showing up at congressional town-hall meetings held mostly by Democrats in favor of health-care reform.
    “… Memos that have cropped up on the Web show that these protests are not intended to be any kind of dialogue but purely disruptive, preferably ending with the member of Congress forced to retreat… The idea is to make opposition to health-care reform seem more widespread than it really is.
    “… the fact is, what happens while the lawmakers are in their districts for the August recess is critical to what happens this fall.
    “… The campaign smacks of what political operatives call “Astroturf” — fake grass roots. [Salisbury Post, 8/5/09]

  3. The mistake they’re making here is a common one for the liberals–believing their own propaganda. It never occurs to them that indeed a large art of the population is (as proven by polls and the demonstrations) against their policies. When these people, who took their own time to attend the demonstrations and town halls, see themselves being called Nazis and astroturfing tools of the GOP and Big Pharma, they are going to get even more pissed off.

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