Dragon Age: Origins

I finished this last week. Best fantasy game ever made. Hands down. At least, that I’ve played. But it is the most fully realized world, and the quality of everything was top notch. This trailer shows a scene with some of the major characters of the game. The guy with the tattooed face would be your character, however, you get to chose how he/she looks and what race they are (human, elf, dwarf). Anyway, it is amazing. And in a year of great games, really an achievement.

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  1. I played both games. Mass Effect is by the same company that did Dragon Age. Great games, both. Loved Fallout 3. It was another masterpiece.

  2. Probably not your type of games, but I highly recommend Modern Warfare 2(and the previous Modern Warfare game in case you missed it). Modern Warfare 2 is a true cinematic experience and a damn good story overall especially if you’re sick of Hollywood’s constant anti-military movies of the past few years.

  3. The single player story continues from where the first Modern Warfare game(Call of Duty 4) left off. Might want to check that out first to get the “whole” experience.

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