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  1. I posted this over at BH, but it’s vanished into moderation hell for some reason. Thought I might as well add it here.

    There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding (especially in that one huge comment thread) about the main reason why these cartoons are being done. It’s not exactly to mock or insult the Muslims (although many feel that way). It’s because there have been a number of cases recently where Muslim rage over depictions of Mohammed–in one case, a single person–have resulted in giant corporations folding like a card table. The Comedy Central “South Park” event is particularly abhorrent, as they are now running cartoons that insult Christians and Jews. When Yale released a scholarly book about the Danish cartoons, they didn’t have the stones to publish the cartoons in the book!
    This sort of behavior must stop. No religion should get a pass simply because they have a habit of killing people who annoy them. As has been noted by many here, Christians get crapped on all the time because, despite all the media hand-wringing over “right-wing Christian militias,” they very obviously aren’t afraid of them.
    Islam is a problematic religion. It has never gone through a reformation, or anything like Vatican II. There have been schisms, but for the the major sects the Koran (with suras and the Hadiths) is to be taken exactly and precisely literally, just as it was written a thousand years ago. Islam is not just a religion, but an operating manual for an entire civilization. Religion and the State are one and the same–the ultimate reversal of our Establishment Clause.
    This makes it difficult to coexist with them, unlike most other regions. Another fundamental problem is that it requires its followers to help it spread. So does Mormonism…but they don’t do it with armies and AK-47s and knives. It is a medieval religion attempting to make the modern world bend to its will, and the fact that we’re not interested concerns them not at all.
    While most people are careful to say “Well, most Muslims are moderates” I’m not so sanguine. Note the deafening silence that follows Islamic acts of terror. Oh, sometimes a couple of imams here and there will pipe up, but 99% of them have nothing to say. And if you are truly a Muslim, you must support a lot of what is done around the world in the name of Islam, because it is required of you in the Koran. That recent beauty pageant winner claims she’s a Muslim.
    No, she is not.
    A Muslim female is most certainly not allowed to dress in bikinis and lingerie on stage, and to pole dance. And no conceivable sect could go that far and still be Islamic.
    Some have said the Sufi sect might be able to get along in the modern, Western world. For example, they are fond of drawings and paintings of Mohammed, and often hang them on their walls like icons. They are considered in the West to be more “laid back,” but in fact they demand strict conformity to sharia and other Islamic unpleasantnesses.
    Bottom line, the Muslims need to learn that we are not going to submit to their demands. They will have to learn to get along with modern Western civilization, just as every other religion does. The only problem is that the Koran demands they do not. “Islam” means “submission.”
    I expect more trouble from them in the future.

  2. That intense debate thing they use is buggy. It will probably reappear. Anyway, yes, this is about standing up to fascism. And we’re not gonna take it. Except our kowtowing president and his lamefuck administration which said yesterday they want to reach out to “moderate” Hezbollah. The sooner those fools are gone the better.

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