Drowning in Debt

Democrats seem to think the answer to everything is taxes. They think taxes cure cancer. In fact, in the president’s recent speech he claimed we will cure cancer in our lifetimes. Why he didn’t throw in a cure for AIDs and world hunger is beyond me. He seems to like make grandiose promises. 

Obama is trying to drown the US tax payer in debt for two reasons. He’s attempting to ram through his socialist agenda, universal health care and global warming taxes so that the government is permanently made larger and the debts laid on all of us will make us indentured servants of the nanny state for many generations. The second is the typical grandiose vainglorious motives so many leaders have. He wants a lasting legacy. He’s trying to buy this with the people’s money.

His budget includes a $634 billion “down payment” on universal health care even though the people didn’t vote for that and it has not been approved by the congress or the senate (yet). He’s banking on the Democrat majority to ensure it happens. And once there, the government will be able to dictate your life style even more than they do now. 

He is putting taxes on carbon emissions, which is like putting taxes on breathing because every time you exhale, you are letting out carbon dioxide. Cap and Trade is an environmentalist scam and it’s yet another attempt to soak businesses, who are already over burdened with taxes and regulations.

There is no evidence that carbon dioxide is a “dangerous pollutant”. It’s part of nature. It’s food for plants. But Obama’s anti-science government wants to try to control it. A laughable and insane objective. So why does he do it? His budget projects $645 billion in revenues from the sale of emission allowances. Basically this will give the government more contriol over the energy busines than they already have. All you have to do is how well the government has run Amtrak, the Post Office, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to see what a poor idea it is to give the government too much power. 

And he plans to tax the rich into the stone age. That has never worked and always stagnates the economy. We did that already in the past and it only kept us in a perpetual cycle of recessions and stagflation until Reagan cut taxes. When Bush did it it pulled us out of the post 9/11 recession and we had a period of great wealth generation. Our crash came from two many people using credit to further their extravagant lifestyles. And too many others taking advantages of the governments lax lending policies, which is not subject to change, apparently.

Take a look at this chart and you can see what an irresponsible leader Obama is. All the talk of Bush’s extravagance pales in comparison.


They want us in debt because it makes people more dependent. People who are financially sound are more free to make up their minds. Whose who are dependent on the state are more likely to vote for statist candidates.

Obama is for more government, more laws regulating people. The Democrats are even trying to regulate free speech. They failed to pass the fairness doctrine but they are going for it in other ways, even trying to control free speech on the Internet.

By their acts you shall know them.

UPDATE: Obama’s war on business.

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