Election of the Century

I’ve been following every election since I was a kid, many, many moons ago. I have never seen a more vicious and crazy one in my life. But then, it doesn’t surprise me. We have let things get out of hand for far too long. We have let crooks and crazies run the show. It’s reaching a boiling point where what happens now will determine a sea change in this country.

Many people think that has already happened. But change is an eternal constant in society and political shifts are something that happens once every other generation or so. We are at a point where a major one is taking place.

All my life, and this has never changed, I have been an independent voter. I have not trusted the establishment of either party. I have seen corruption is a massive problem in every administration. I almost never like the candidates we get to choose from. I have always seen the system as rigged.

So, I’ll fully confess here that I have only voted in three presidential elections so far. One was against Mondale in the 80s, one was against Bush 41 in the 90s, the other was against Kerry in the 2000s. I regret voting for Clinton the first time. The other two was the best choice we had. This time, it’s an easy choice for me. Hillary Clinton is the worst politician I have ever had the displeasure of having to witness. She is corrupt beyond measure. She has no scruples at all. She is everything Trump has been accused of. In fact, it has been her common tactic going back to the 90s to accuse other people of her own failings.

Trump is far from perfect, but he seems to actually care about this country and is not saying the same canned speeches I have heard for decades. I don’t know if he will effectively be able to do what he promises but I know for a fact Hillary won’t because I have seen how she operates. Hillary will only bring ruin. Trump is a businessman who has been very successful. Hillary has only been successful at getting away with crimes, stealing and getting rich through pay for play and other larceny.

Now, I know how fruitless it is to try to explain to a Hillary voter why she’s bad news. And millions of people have already voted. I am not advocating people to change their vote because it’s not likely to matter at this stage and I believe political choice is a personal thing,

But, I just want to point something out. Trump is anti-war and basically modern candidate on most things. Hillary, on the other hand, will say or do anything she wants. She has no scruples. She changes her positions based on whether it will help her goals. She has no principals. She is basically owned by her rich corporate and foreign government donors And where Trump is basically anti-war, Hillary wants to get into a war with Russia. It’s insane.

This video, but a Brit, so he is non-partisan, not even American, says it all. She is bad news. And if you haven’t voted yet, I ask you to consider what he says.

UPDATE: This is an updated explanation of the FBI email server investigation and why the Comey actions are another example of a coverup.

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