Examiner Review of Hell’s Reward

I got a five star review today for Hell’s Reward from the Examiner.com. Nice!

One of his greatest unfinished works was “Age of Heroes” with artist John Ridgway. The fantasy series lasted only six issues before vanishing. Hudnall and Ridgway remained attached to the series over the years though. Ultimately, Hudnall decided to continue the work not as a comic but as prose.

“Hell’s Reward” is the result. The first in a series of novels based on his original “Age of Heroes” comics, the book introduces a wide cast of characters in a grand fantasy tradition. The book stars a one armed swordsman, an archer and a thief, a mage, a blind bard and more. They live in a world where the gods have vanished, leaving only grand statues and machines behind. But their presence is still felt, even as dark forces gather in the shadows.

Tolkien and “Dungeons & Dragons” fans will see some homage in Hudnall’s world, but he builds a unique world from parts both traditional and original. It’s a new world and a new story built on a grand tradition of fantasy.

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