Experts Discover Age of Unreadable Book

I have always loved unsolved mysteries. One that’s really fascinating is the Voynich manuscript, a hand drawn book named after the dealer who came across it in 1912. It’s been called the world’s most mysterious manuscript because it’s written in an unknown language and the age was thought to be hundreds of years old. Now, with carbon dating they have been able to date it to the early 15th century, making it 100 years older than previously thought.

The book is full of illustrations of plants, many of which are unknown, and people as well as strange symbols and an alphabet no one has deciphered yet. Many of the world’s top cryptographers have tried to crack the code and failed. It isn’t even known where it came from originally. Many have surmised that it was the secret texts of an alchemist due to its many apparent articles on plants, human biology and the stars and planets.

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