Fear Mongering in the Tsunami's Aftermath

CNN has led the reporting on the Japanese earthquake and tsunami, and predictably, the media has pumped out endless reams of fear mongering propaganda designed to make you fear nuclear power. Everything from worries that the US will have to deal with fallout in a few days to reactors blowing up left and right.

The fact is, all the reactors have been handled without other safety measures having to be deployed. These are older reactors not built to withstand a quake of that size, yet they did. The tsunami did more damage than the quake. But it’s still being managed. Here are some good sources of information on the subject.

The press likes to stoke the emotions of their audience to sell papers and get ratings, which is why you generally have to take what they say with a grain of salt, or iodine as the case may be.

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal speaks out against the media’s hysteria. Even Fox was in on the act.

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